Blended Learning

How we support blended learning

Real time monitoring

Flipped learning

Maximised accessibility

LMS integration

“Kami allows me to teach remotely and in-person at the same time! I now have a great way to have break-out rooms!”

Anneleisa Gruber, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District, WI

Assist from afar

With Kami, teaching remotely feels just like teaching in class, and it’s just as easy! We’ve helped remove barriers to student success while learning at home with the ability to constantly monitor progress, allowing for real-time intervention through instant feedback and support.

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Best of both worlds

Chances are by now you’ve become a flipped learning pro, but Kami can help take your at-home assignments to a whole new level! Easily add everything your students might need for solo work: Primary and secondary resources, YouTube links, instructional voice notes and videos, maps, hyperlinks, and teacher read alouds. Plus, with excellent offline access and auto-save, students can confidently complete tasks no matter how remote they might be!

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Learn your way

There’s no one way to learn – just like there’s no one way to teach – so Kami caters to any style with awesome tools and features that make learning accessible for all! There’s Dark Mode, Voice Typing, Read Aloud, Offline Mode, Dictionary, and Video Comment, just to name a few. This support empowers students to work independently, no matter their home learning environment, as your tasks and assignments are created with everything students need to succeed right there at their fingertips. Whether they prefer to rewrite, reenact, or recall, every learning style has an opportunity. 

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Get integrated!

Kami likes to meet your needs, so much so that it happily integrates with the LMS you’re already familiar with! Whether it’s Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or Microsoft Teams – Kami lets you create, assign and receive work as you already do. With fewer additional steps and no jumping in and out of different programs, you’re able to stay on-task, save time, and get back to doing the stuff you love – teaching! 

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“A fun project to kickstart our geography unit! 🌎 In-person and remote students worked on the same activity (remote work done using kami). Projects were displayed in the classroom/shared with one another despite if they’re in school or at home! #d124inspires”

Julie Dudasik, Evergreen Park ESD 124, IL via Twitter

“Kami has been such a lifesaver with students switching between remote and in-person. I've been able to keep many of my regular activities because Kami allows me to take PDFs and create editable documents easily! My students are also more engaged! #KamiforSchools”

Wesley Machiela, Byron Center Public Schools, MI via Twitter

“ Kami allows me to teach remotely and in-person at the same time! I now have a great way to have break-out rooms!”

Anneleisa Gruber, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (I think?), WI via Twitter

“I'm loving the creative ways our @BullisSchool teachers have been using @usekamiapp in these opening weeks. Both teachers & students have been using Kami's annotation tools along w/embedded voice & video. Collaborative, interactive, & personal whether remote or in-person.”

Stacey Roash, Bullis Schools, MD via Twitter

“I am completely grateful to Kami for the tools and services that you bring to our classrooms. I have just finished the certification and our entire school has had to pivot to remote this week. Kami has been such a relief. We are connecting with our students with ease and everyone is really excited about the tools and services. Our feedback on this integration into our remote learning is OUTSTANDING!”

Kim Dorken, The Oxford School, Canada via Facebook group

“Hi! My name is Ranae, I’m working on becoming a Kami certified educator. I am so impressed by the tools that Kami has to offer. I will be teaching math and science this year, both in a blended learning model. Kami is going to make work submissions and assessing so easy for both the students and Me. I’m also so excited to share by knowledge of Kami with my fellow teachers.”

Ranae Montecalvo, New Kent County Public Schools, VA via Facebook group

“I also just finished the videos to become Kami certified. I found out about this program just a few days ago and it has changed the way I teach my virtual learners. I am a band director and general music teacher and this allows me to do EXACTLY what I needed to do for my students. Makes the virtual program more enjoyable and fun”

Benji McLain, Hancock County School District, MS via Facebook group

“Kami has been a life saver during distance learning thus far and I only discovered it a week ago! It's definitely a game changer. I plan on talking my district into a district license and continuing to use it in the classroom in the future...”

Amanda Derby, Round Valley Unified School District, CA via FB group

“My school became fully virtual in March and has been ever since. I ended last year without any knowledge of Kami and it was the most stressful time. Lots of tears were shed. This year, with kami, its like I'm back in the classroom! I can do so much more with my students and I love being able to assign group work in a virtual environment. Kami is a time saver!!”

Heather Nagle District 205, IL, via FB group