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Getting Started
Navigating Kami
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1. Getting Started
3 Lessons | Each video is under 5 minutes

Here are a few videos and reading materials for learning all about your first steps with Kami.

Sign up and Installation
Sharing Kami with Students
Kami License Admin Guide
Teacher’s Guide (One-page)
Student’s Guide (One-page)
Watch   |   Read
Watch   |   Read
Watch   |   Read
Read   |   Download
Read   |   Download
3. Kami by Subject
8 Lessons | Each video is under 5 minutes

Looking for something more specific? Find ways to utilize Kami for your subject below.

English Language Arts                                        Watch
Mathematics                                                             Watch
Science                                                                          Watch
Social Studies                                                            Watch
Art                                                                                     Watch
English Language Learners                               Watch
Kindergarten                                                              Watch
Accessibility                                                                 Watch
4. Kami Integrations
4 Lessons | Each video is under 6 minutes

Looking for something more specific? Find ways to use Kami with your learning management system.

Kami with Google Classroom                          Watch   |   Read
Kami with Canvas                                                   Watch   |   Read
Kami with Schoology                                            Watch   |   Read
Sharing Kami Assignments                                Watch   |   Read

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