Kami for Office

Kami is your digital pen and paper where you and your colleagues can learn, create, and collaborate.

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Annotate and Collaborate

Share a PDF, image or other printable document with colleagues to enable shared annotating and to exchange comments in real time.

Highlight, underline, insert text – With Kami you can mark up that PDF document without having the original source document. Great for reviewing final document proofs and for giving feedback and suggestions on documents created by colleagues or other organizations.

Sign the easy way

Signing documents online can be complicated and there are online services entirely focussed on this one task and the typical signing process workflows. But most of the time, you just need a quick and easy way to attach your signature to a document. Kami’s signature tool lets you sign a PDF right there in your browser. Upload a signature image, or get a link sent to your touchscreen phone, where you can capture a signature and register it in Kami for future use.


Draw, insert shapes, lines and arrows, sketch and write freehand – all overlayed onto your document. With Kami you can mark up that final proof document without having the original source document. Great for reviewing and giving feedback on documents created by colleagues or other organizations.

Split & Merge

Sometimes you need to create a report by knitting together multiple PDF documents. At other times you want to extract a single page from a large PDF document, or to remove or rotate a page. Kami’s Document Split and Merge tools give you just the capabilities you need to manipulate PDF files and to generate exactly the document you require.

And so much more…

Advanced Kami features include these time-saving capabilities:
Text-to-speech – Highlight a section of your PDF and let Kami read it out to you
Add audio & video comments when you need to provide more complex feedback or explanation than you can describe in a written comment
Dictation uses your microphone to let you to enter text verbally and spare your keyboard
Dictionary lookup will display the meaning of any word you select in your PDF

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

Top three ways to access Kami

Kami Web App

Access the Kami web app in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers. All you have to do is sign in.

G Suite Ready

Do you use G Suite in your school or in the office? Kami is one of the most popular and highest rated apps in the G Suite Marketplace.

Kami for Chrome

Enjoy using our highly-rated Google Chrome Extension when using Google Chrome or when using a Chromebook.