Check out this year’s Kami Connect speaker sessions, blogs, and resources!

Let’s give it up for another absolute smash hit of an experience! 👏👏👏

Kami Connect 2022 has certainly been one for the record book with some of the most thrilling keynote and speakers yet. And let’s not forget the one and only Marcus Stein for holding it down as our host, plus the rest of the Kami crew who helped us put on an experience like no other.

There’s no way we’d let precious content like that slip. So we’ve made sure to upload all our recorded sessions to our YouTube channel, and have turned them into blog posts (with linked resources) for your reading and sharing pleasure!

What are you waiting for! Check out all the Kami magic below…

Speaker Sessions


Creating Immediacy | Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues

Steve Burns delivers a heartwarming speech that unpacks his life as an “accidental educator” and how you can use some Blue’s Clues techniques to create immediacy through the screen.

Inclusion in the Classroom | Jere Chang

We host a special mini-episode of our Teacher Teacher podcast where we speak to Jere Chang about Inclusion in the Classroom, her journey with creating inclusion, and tips for you to do the same!



Create Dynamic Learning Experiences With Kami | Sarah Coats

Sarah Coats wows us with her top three tips for easily creating more dynamic, interactive, and personalized learning experiences with Kami. 


Building an Engaging Kami Classroom | Likia Smith

Want to know the secrets to student engagement? Your Kami Fairy Godmother, Likia Smith, has the answers!

Level-up Your Digital Whiteboard | Oliver R. Tingling

Creating digital whiteboards has been a game-changer for Oliver in the classroom and he wants to share how they’ll change the game for you too!


The Power of Project-based Learning | Steve Martinez

Steve dives into amping up student voice and choice by allowing our youth to put themselves at the center of their learning.


Boosting Accessibility and Inclusion With Kami | Michelle Manning

Let’s Kami-fy your routine! Michelle shows us how she uses Kami resources for student Accessibility and to Modify her lessons to Include all students!


 The Future of Kami | Hengjie Wang

Hengjie Wang, Kami CEO and Co-founder, takes us through everything new, currently live, and set to be released in the app over the next few months.