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Read more about this month’s biggest update, the new Kami Dashboard, and more!

Say hi to the new Kami Dashboard

We’ve completely upgraded the way you enter Kami; our new and improved dashboard comes with two additional features and a slick Dark Mode feature that you can toggle on/off via your Profile settings.

Now, when you access Kami, you’ll be greeted with easier recent file access, the latest Kami resources to share with your students, and links to helpful tips and tricks in case you need them – making your daily Kami access that much better!

Kami Dashboard

New features

Trending Resources

  • Easily access Kami-ready activities, graphic organizers, and more! 
  • Click on the resource and it’ll open as a fresh new copy for you.
  • Students won’t see this section on their screens – student-specific resources will be coming soon!

Learn Kami

  • This is a curated selection of tutorial resources to guide you, from YouTube videos to our Fundamentals course. 
  • A link to our Learn Kami page is also there if you want to explore more quick videos and training resources. 
  • Again this is only available for teachers, but student guides will be coming soon!

Kami Dashboard

Same tech, new look

Open file from…

  • Google Drive, OneDrive, or your computer.
  • If you use Google Classroom, you’ll see a Create Classroom Assignment button, clicking will prompt you to create a new assignment.

Create a new page

  • Want to start from scratch? Create a new page button is found just below Open Files.
  • Options: Blank, lined, grid, and music sheet; portrait or landscape orientation.

Split and Merge

  • We’ve made this tool a more prominent feature in the dash!
  • Customize and combine your PDFs with a click of a button.

Text Recognition

  • Previously called the OCR tool, Text Recognition allows Kami to detect and interact with text on any scanned documents and is now displayed as a button!


  • This handy feature shows you a list of up to 20 recently opened files, so you instantly see recent work and pick up where you left off.

Quick additions
  • Add Media tool now allows you to insert files from your OneDrive
  • Text to Speech is now named Read Aloud
  • Students can enjoy a celebratory animation when they click their Turn In or Submit buttons – only visible to students turning in Kami assignments through our integration with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.
  • We’re testing out a new product tour for new users who join Kami. Only new users will see this tour, but let us know if you’re happy to test this and provide feedback!

Kami Celebratory Animation

To check it all out, head on over to kami.app or click on your Kami extension!
(Hint: Clicking the Kami logo in the top left-hand corner now takes you back to the dashboard)

Want to check out all these features in the app?

Give us your feedback!

We would love to hear your thoughts on these updates, if there’s anything we missed, or if you have any great ideas to help make Kami even better for the community!
Let’s chat.

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