Kami App Updates | October

Kami App Updates October '21

Read up on new features, improvements, Kami news and more!

New “My Domain” Sharing Permission

We have an exciting new “domain” option for Google Drive users that allows you to share your Kami file with users in the same domain email address as yours!
This feature is super useful for when you want to make sure only those people with your school and district email addresses are the only ones who can access your Kami file.


  1. Choose My Domain, then Viewer, Editor, or Create an individual copy
  2. Go to Share Document from the menu bar.

GIF of my domain update

“Create a Copy” with Google Classroom

Another super helpful update to our Google Classroom integration is our “Create a Copy” function!
This comes in handy when you’ve accidentally, or intentionally, created a “View Only” assignment, when instead, you want students to work on individual copies. Now, Kami will ask if you’d like to create a copy and attach it to your Google Classroom, allowing you to push out new editable copies instead of re-creating the entire assignment down the line.

GIF of create a copy feature

Schoology Elementary Experience (EE) integration

We now fully integrate with Schoology’s Elementary Experience!
This update gives younger students a more streamlined experience when it comes to locating and opening their assignments with Kami.

This change is only visible to students, so as the teacher, you must select which course to enable the EE mode.


  1. Choose the Course you want to use Schoology’s EE on.
  2. Click Course Options, then Edit Privacy/Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Course Settings, then under Course Theme select Elementary Experience.

This has to be done for every course (at this stage).

Next, create a Kami assignment as you normally would so students can open and complete their assignments.

Click here for a detailed video. 

GIF of Schoology integration
Kami Feature Restrictions in Canvas

Feature Restrictions are now available on our Canvas integration! This allows you to toggle specific Kami tools on/off for your students to work with use on that particular assignment. Only the selected tools will be visible for the students, but as the teacher, you’ll still have the entire toolbar available when grading. 

This feature is great for controlling assessment criteria, or even just to make assignments simpler, especially for younger students!


  1. Create a Kami assignment as you normally would.
  2. In the New Kami Assignment dialog, click Feature Restrictions to select or deselect tools for your students.
  3. Click Ok to save.

GIF of Canvas feature restrictions
New Color Picker

The long-awaited Color Picker is here! Now you can add more colors to your palette when using the Markup, Text Box, Comments, Equation, Drawing, and Shapes tools. 


  1. Select any of the tools mentioned above, then click the Color Palette icon.
  2. Click Picker to modify each color in your palette, then Save to finish.


Resource sheet Two Facts & a Fib

Stickers Tool additions

Did someone say Back-to-school stickers?? Well, we heard you loud and clear, and here they are! 

They can be found in the same spot. Here, you’ll also find a new additional tab labeled “Sticker Rewards” – this is where your unlocked Kami Rewards stickers will appear.

GIF of new stickers
Other news
  • Try our new beta feature allowing you to create new Text Boxes by dragging your cursor a certain size. 

    To turn it on: Click Profile on the menu bar, then Settings. Scroll down to “Beta Features”, then click +On for “Drag create text boxes”. Have a play and send us your feedback!

  • More Text Box improvements now recognize the last text format used and apply it to new text boxes you create.

  • The Kami logo on the top left corner of your Kami window now acts as a home button, taking you back to the main dashboard.
  • You can now use the short link “kami.app”, making it easier to launch Kami from your browser. Simply type the URL and hit enter!
  • Kami Rewards users on an active Teacher Plan trial will now get an extra 30 days to their trial after their first successful referral.

That’s what we have ready for you this month! Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon. 

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