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Children love stories. Whether they’re telling them or experiencing them, there are real benefits to immersing our young people in a world of stories. Learning to tell a story is a fundamental part of English language arts (ELA) lessons and a child’s education. Kami is here to help you with writing templates to take the concept of storytelling from an idea to a fully formed story in the classroom.

Why comic book strips?

Once upon a time, comic books were seen as a distraction for kids, but not anymore. The format is great for turning reluctant readers into enthusiastic readers. As comic books are less text-heavy they do not intimidate kids when reading. Using images means kids get better at understanding the meaning of the images along with the text. This means the stories are more impactful. They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The combination of both text and images means kids can expand their vocabulary whilst still gleaning lots of image detail. For all these reasons it is good to use this format in your lesson plans to teach your students to tell their own stories.

Kami’s blank comic strip worksheets

Kami has collated some high-quality panel comic strips for your students to break their stories into manageable chunks. The blank comic book templates have different designs, as you will see, but all are valuable storyboard templates with speech bubbles that are editable and the students can customize. These free printable comic strip templates are designed to cover all students and bring fun (and structure) to creative writing. They can be used as a printout or completed digitally.

1. Blank comic strip — black and white

Kami’s black-and-white blank comic book page for 3rd to 10th graders is blank for the kids to edit and make their own.

2. Blank panel comic strip — black and white

Kami’s panel comic strip is rectangular for more free-flowing stories, again, for 3rd to 10th graders.

3. Color panel comic strip — red and blue

This red and blue comic strip template is great for getting creative with classroom assignments that require narrative structure, such as comic drawing and storyboard plotting.

Complete with six blank boxes for drawing, and speech and thought bubbles for dialogue; you’ll be giving your students a fresh way to express their learning and understanding. Hello, voice and choice!

4. Color blank comic strip template — blue and yellow

Kami’s blue and yellow comic strip template is inspired by the cartoon templates to give the students some creative inspiration when writing their stories.

5. Blank comic strip template — colored boxes

This color-boxed blank comic book template enables your students to create their own comic strips with our customizable template! Add your own characters, dialogue, and backgrounds for endless storytelling possibilities. It is suitable for all grades.

6. Comic strip boxes — speech bubbles

This colored speech bubble comic book template is a fun comic book template for those looking to invent their own comic.

7. Comic strip template — storyboard

Kami’s storyboard template is suitable for all students and grades. Use the black storyboard template to really plan out the structure of the stories and ask the students to use the text boxes and image boxes to their fullest. Remember the templates are fully editable so the students can customize, add their own background, resize, and make it all their own.

8. Comic book strip

Kami’s comic book strip is, again, suitable for all students and grades. This is the one for those fully content to tell their story with images and add text themselves as they customize the comic book strip template.

9. Comic book strip — blue and pink

If you want your students to focus on the technical task of writing, then use this colorful blue and pink comic book strip template. The bright colors will make those students happy to customize themselves.

Make your own comic book!

It’s helpful for your child to use visuals (pictures, graphic organizers, drawings, icons) when learning the structure of a story. This multistory component helps develop creative writing skills and makes abstract concepts more tangible and concrete for the most reluctant writers. Use Kami’s comic book strip templates to get those stories flowing. Let us know if anyone moves on and writes their own graphic novel!

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