This activity focuses on the Add Media tool by exploring how to add media from their device, Google Drive, Google Image Search and YouTube. Students will also discover how to insert Kami stickers!

Activity Description

The design of this activity is super simple!

  • First, choose a theme. This can be content-related, or something related to students’ lives outside of school.
  • Students can choose their own theme or one that best fits the needs of the classroom.
  • If needed, lead this activity for the whole class to show where to add the different media options.
  • After modeling an example, you can release students to work individually or with a partner.
  • Be sure to point out the different formatting options when adding media, like crop and resize.
  • At the end of the activity, have a few students demonstrate what they’ve learned about each tool to the class. For example, ask a student to show everyone how to find a YouTube Video.
  • This would also be a great time to have students create a Screen Capture Comment explaining how to use each of the add media tools.