Kami is a fantastic tool for all learners and has many features designed to accommodate our learners who may need extra support. Let’s explore four amazing ways that Kami can support students who need accommodations with their assessments.

Assessments can be read to students using the Text to Speech tool

In a remote learning environment, students at home may not have access to the full support they receive in a typical classroom. One of those supports may be having text read to them when they are taking an assessment. With Kami, students can leverage the Text to Speech function to have their assessment read aloud. Students select Text to Speech from the toolbar and then highlight the words they need to read aloud. This ability to differentiate truly makes learning accessible for all students.



Students can use the Speech to Text option to express their learning

It can be difficult to transition assessments to digital for students that struggle to type. Whether this is a special education student or a younger learner who does not have the skill set to type yet, getting text into a document can be challenging. With Kami, they make this easy by utilizing the Speech to Text tool! With the Speech to Text tool, students can verbalize their learning while Kami converts it into text. Speech to Text gives all students the ability to add their words to a page without the potential difficulty of typing them out. 



Use Voice and Video Comments to allow students to express their learning

While Speech to Text is a fantastic tool, it may not be appropriate for all students to utilize in every assessment situation. Kami’s multimedia comments, specifically the Voice and Video Comment tools, allow students to express their learning in ways other tools cannot. Students can use the Video Comment tool to physically demonstrate their knowledge and show their faces while doing it. In comparison, the Voice Comment allows students who may be camera shy to verbalize their learning! 



Teachers can use the Screen Capture Comment to explain the assessments to their students

Students often need that extra bit of instruction that comes along with introducing an assessment in class. While in remote learning, that extra piece may not be taking place. Kami allows the teacher to record a screen capture of the assessment in Kami by using a Screen Capture Comment. The Screen Capture Comment tool records a screencast of the Kami document with the teacher’s voice providing the activity’s narration. This allows the teacher to go into great detail about the assessment in a way that written instructions may not provide. A win for all students, but most certainly for those students who may need extra help!