6 Butterfly Templates


Springtime is a really exciting season in nature and a great way to teach your students all about the natural world. We’ve been working hard to put together some fun butterfly craft ideas and this is what we’ve made for you to use in your classroom.

10 Fun Butterfly Facts

  • Butterflies are insects
  • There are 4 stages to a butterfly’s life cycle; egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult
  • Butterflies use their long feelers (antennae) to sniff out food and other butterflies
  • Butterflies don’t have noses so they use their legs and feet to taste and smell their food
  • Butterfly’s wings are often colorful to attract other butterflies or warn predators that they are poisonous
  • A butterfly’s tongue is called a proboscis. They uncurl it like a long straw to suck up food such as nectar from flowers
  • Their eyes are made up of hundreds of tiny lenses. They can’t see a lot of detail, but they can sense shapes, colors, and movement
  • Butterflies have 3 body parts; a head, a thorax (middle part), and an abdomen (tail)
  • Butterflies have 6 legs and 4 wings

How to use

Here are all of the free printable butterfly templates that give you a great chance to create some fun craft butterfly art. Once these butterfly shapes have been colored in, you can use them as cutouts and display them on your bulletin boards. Use this inspiration for coloring and designing the butterfly coloring pages.

1. Butterfly Coloring Page

This paper butterfly features a butterfly stencil with small butterflies as well for the kids to design their own butterfly patterns.

2. Butterfly Template

This blank large butterfly template is perfect for kids to create their own butterfly designs. You could ask them to research monarch butterfly patterns to use on this blank template.

3. Purple Butterfly Coloring Page

This purple butterfly is a great opportunity to make a really colorful butterfly. There is the butterfly body and really large intricately designed butterfly wings to let your little artists get super creative.

4. Design Your Own Butterfly

This DIY butterfly template is a simple butterfly outline so your students can really let their creativity run wild!

5. Butterfly Outline Coloring Sheets for Kindergartners

This black and white butterfly template is perfect for your kids to use different colored crayons to create some fun art projects.

6. Multiple Butterfly Coloring Page

This beautiful butterfly design will allow your students to make many different designs on the butterfly drawings. With so many outlines try and ask the students to be inspired by nature and the designs, they can find on real butterflies.

Happy crafting!

Use the templates to create some beautiful designs in the classroom. There’s great potential for all ages to learn about butterflies and all their different colors and do some fun spring crafts. Let us know how you get on!

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