Millions of teachers worldwide are heading back into the classroom with Kami – are you?

When remote learning became the norm, Kami swooped into the lives of teachers around the globe, answering the call for a reliable and engaging platform to keep students learning over lockdown. 

But with the return to traditional classrooms comes the return of traditional teaching methods, as not everyone knows all the awesome ways Kami can be used in the classroom. 

So, we want to hit refresh and reintroduce you to Kami, a digital learning platform that’s specifically designed to be your classroom’s BFF. And it’s been killin’ the friendship game since 2013 🙌

Get up to speed with all the ways Kami can enhance your class!
Pick a device. Any device.

All you need to kickstart Kami is a digital device and an internet connection (although, Kami can work offline too!). This way it doesn’t matter what your classroom’s made up of, or what range of devices your students have access to; everyone gets the same awesome Kami experience! Being web-based, Kami is an everyday teaching platform you can rely on, all while future-proofing your routine through any school changes.

Free up flexibility

With Kami, your desk is wherever you are, allowing you to support each student as you teach and collaborate in real-time – especially those who aren’t always the first to raise their hand or call out their answer. Naturally, flexibility in the classroom means flexibility out of it too, as Kami lessons seamlessly transition into blended or flipped learning. Supporting solo work with accessible instructions and interactive resources not only encourages engagement but amplifies what’s possible in the classroom the next day, and beyond.

Whiteboarding your way

Dried-up markers, smudge marks, and lost notes are so 2019. In its simplest form, Kami is the ultimate digital whiteboarding tool that works across any device or interactive display, and with any stylus. Board up a storm with easy-to-use annotation tools and features that let everyone make independent notes on their own copies, or as collaborators on yours – there are no limits! 
Check out this example of a Kami board in action →

More than digital stationery

There are plenty of digital pen and paper solutions out there, but Kami goes deeper by encouraging interactive learning with real-time discussion, debate, and collaboration. How deep you go, though, is always up to you! Start by enhancing your classroom with Kami as a way to refresh traditional teaching methods, then once you’re comfy, unlock a bunch of new ways to teach, give feedback and create activities.

“I love that I can add comments while they work, video myself in the comments, and I can still use my PDFs as I normally print and use in class!

– Amanda Owens, Phenix City Schools, AL

Declutter that classroom!

We made Kami so effective by understanding all the ways teachers are being held back in the classroom… and the copy room. Long lines, broken printers, and limited resources are all chewing up valuable time. With Kami, your device becomes your printer, copier, and filing cabinet by integrating with your favorite Learning Management System!

No more “dog ate my homework”, lugging ‘round piles of back-breaking assignments, or worrying that your students don’t have the right tools for the job. Plus, money saved from going digital, means money to spend where it matters most: on your students. 

Oh, and did we mention the environment catches a break, too? Everybody wins!

Invest in everyone

One of the biggest rewards of enhancing your classroom with a digital platform like Kami is that every student is supported! No matter how they learn, where they’re learning from, or how they prefer to engage – each student has an equal opportunity to get involved and love learning from lesson-start to finish.