Whether or not you use Jamboard, Kami is the digital whiteboard for you.

The education community woke to the news that Google Jamboard will soon start winding down. Teachers and students who love using the Google platform will now be considering their options. Look no further than Kami.

Google Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard where teachers and students can share ideas using drawing tools and annotations. Luckily for Jamboard users, Kami supports real-time collaboration and has a ton of annotation tools and multimedia comment options. Teachers and students can pull in content like Google Images, YouTube clips, and various file types including PDFs, docs, and slides. Accessibility features like Read Aloud, Speech-to-Text, dyslexic fonts, Dark Mode, and more ensure no student is left behind.

The Kami Library is the home of educational templates, and there are thousands to choose from, including a range specifically for Jamboard.

Kami supports key educational moments and the day-to-day of learning. Here are just a few examples of how Kami can add a little magic to your classroom:

1. Building a positive classroom culture

We believe that it’s important to create a positive classroom culture to engage students and keep them motivated to learn. One way to establish a positive culture is to create social contracts for the classroom. Here are a few ready-to-go examples in the Kami Library. Another amazing way to build a positive classroom culture is to celebrate your students’ birthdays! We’ve got a Birthday Chart so you never miss a student’s special day.

2. Checking in with student progress

If you’re looking to check your students’ understanding, sharing templates is a quick and easy way to do so. The Kami Library has several options, including these self assessment and exit ticket templates. There are also a range of resources for checking in with your students’ emotional wellbeing, including our Graffiti Wall and Gratitude Journal templates.

3. Class discussions and mind-mapping 

When students need to collaborate on a task or project, it helps to have a canvas to get their ideas down. Luckily, we’ve got several they can choose from, including this ideation space and a ton of graphic organizers like this See, Think, Wonder activity.

4. Student opinion and feedback

Gathering information from your students has never been so simple. Whether it’s a template for the whole class, like these Four Corners and Jot Spot templates, or an individual student, like this thumbs up/ thumbs down template, we’ve got options for you.

5. Subject-specific diagrams

Kami has a ton of editable templates for specific classes, allowing your students to jump in and start learning. Whether it’s labelling a plant cell in Science or analyzing a story’s narrative arc in English, Kami’s got you covered.


Google Jamboard had its merits as a collaborative whiteboard tool, but as it prepares to take its final bow, Kami is the replacement waiting in the wings.