There’s a lot to pack into kindergarten classes: literacy, numeracy, science, language, art, and social studies, not to mention helping students develop their social and emotional skills.

But don’t panic—we’ve got you covered! The Kami Library has a wide range of free kindergarten worksheets for your lesson plans. Our worksheets are printable, or you can use them online with your students and edit them as needed.

Here’s an overview of some of the fantastic worksheet and flashcard templates in our kindergarten collection.

Literacy worksheets

Kindergarten is the place to learn all the building blocks of phonics, reading comprehension, and writing before starting first grade. In the Kami Library, you’ll find:

  • Letter worksheets that introduce both lowercase letters and uppercase letters. Our alphabet worksheets can also be used as tracing worksheets to help with letter formation.
  • Alphabet workbooks so learners can work through each letter, including activities for letter tracing for small and capital letters and writing letters.
  • Worksheets for phonics, including CVC words, to help children learn concepts like beginning sounds, rhyming words, and blends.
  • Dolch sight word worksheets

There is also a range of writing worksheets to spark children’s imagination with writing prompts and allow them to practice their handwriting.

Math worksheets

Our kindergarten math worksheets include the following:

  • subtraction and addition worksheets with word problems
  • counting worksheets and number line worksheets to develop math skills, including number bonds, place value, skip counting, and sequencing
  • number worksheets to teach number recognition and missing numbers
  • graphing
  • shapes worksheets, which can help to introduce fractions

Worksheets for fine motor skills

Coloring worksheets help children practice their fine motor skills and create colorful artwork to decorate your classroom. Pick one of our general coloring pages or choose a theme to mark a particular day of the year. Kami can help your kindergartners celebrate:

The Kami Library has a range of worksheets to help you mark these occasions in class with different activities like word searches and coloring pages.

Worksheets to keep your class on track

Our kindergarten section also has free printable worksheets for learning activities to help you keep your class on track throughout the year.

Everything you need, from classroom calendars and social contracts establishing your classroom rules to progress charts and report cards to “Student of the Week” certificates, is right here.

Several editable worksheets, including bubble maps and our fun graffiti wall template, help you track students’ learning.

You can find all our free printable kindergarten worksheets by clicking K in the grades section or narrowing your search by subject type or keyword. Also, check out our pre-k worksheets, especially if you have students still struggling with the basics.

And remember, we love to hear how teachers use our templates for kindergarten students and any ideas you have for new ones, so feel free to share your thoughts.

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