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This activity focuses on the Shapes & Equation tool by showing students how to use the many features when creating rectangles, ellipses, circles, and lines. 

Activity Description

Pages One-Three:

The Shapes Tool activity is grouped by different tasks where each task focuses on a shape. Within each task, students can explore feature options with that shape.

  • Task One uses rectangles to teach students how to use different colors and stroke thicknesses.
  • Task Two uses ellipses to teach students how to use the shift key to change shape and size while keeping the original proportions (specifically when creating a circle).
  • Task Three uses triangles to show how angles appear in the shape feature, and again, using the shift key to keep the proportions intact.
  • Task Four digs deeper into angles so students can learn that after a triangle is created, they can still find the angle measurements. Students will be asked to record their observations from this task.
  • Task Five uses lines to connect multiple skills together: color, stroke thickness, and shift key.
  • Task Six is a fun summary that gives students the opportunity to apply what they learned in all the tasks to create a dog house for the Kami dog!

Page Four:

This page is dedicated to exploring how to use the equation tool to insert various symbols 

  • Task One will lead students to the equation tool where they can hover over a symbol to see their name. Students will search for a few names of some common symbols and record them in the table. This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate the search feature.
  • Task Two is the Equation/Expression Match activity and is more appropriate for older students aged 12+. If you are teaching younger students, you could modify the examples so the content is more aligned with what you’ll be learning in class! Using the equation tool, students will recreate the equation/expression they see on screen. This gives students a focused and structured way to get into the equation tool, find specific symbols, and practice writing them out!