Become a pro at using one of our most popular free-to-use tools; Split and Merge!

Teachers, you’re busy enough. Let’s forget spending hours at the printer or photocopier, burning through cash and paper supplies, only to do it all again after spotting a typo or missed page.

With our super easy, super useful Split and Merge tool, you’ll be able to effortlessly customize and combine your PDFs simply by clicking a few buttons – no printer in sight – getting them ready for easy assigning. Cut out content you don’t need, rearrange pages for a better flow, or get completely creative by chopping and changing a bunch to make something completely original.

And it doesn’t just come in handy when dealing with huge textbooks or PDFs; you can mix and match any resource, image, slide, or file to make something completely new for your classroom.

Better yet, it’s all free!

Split and Merge magic with Marcus

Learn the ins and outs with this easy-to-follow video, take a look!

Let’s break it down

Split and Merge lives separately from the Kami app, so first, we’ll go through how you can find the tool, and then cover ways to use it!

Accessing Split and Merge

There are three ways:

  1. Going to
  2. The dropdown menu in Kami on the top right hand side
  3. The top of the Kami app start page

Once you’re in, choose the file(s) you want to split or merge, either by dragging and dropping, or clicking the Google Drive or OneDrive link. This clever tool can take on almost all of the file types you’ll be using during your day-to-day!

Using Split and Merge

Getting around the Split and Merge is easy! Once you know what to do, you’ll be chopping, changing, and completely recreating your resources and activity sheets in no time.

Split mode

After uploading your document, all the pages will appear on the screen. You can click and drag the pages to change the order of the original document, or, drag the ones you want into the row below to create a new, standalone PDF to export. 

Here, you also have the chance to rotate any pages, expand the page to view, or delete any you no longer need!

Clicking Split pages allows you to create multiple new documents out of the row of pages you’re working on. 

 Merge mode

This function lets you combine extra pages, or even entire documents, to the original upload.  

If you need to add more documents, toggle over to Merge mode at the top of the page. Then hit the red plus sign to add the files you need. 

Once uploaded, toggle back over to Split mode to get crafting!

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