The benefits of project-based learning: Developing student curiosity

The Benefits of Project-based Learning

This blog was inspired by an episode of the Teacher Teacher podcast with Steve Martinez. If you’d prefer to listen along, head here! Today’s modern world is packed with 21st-century problems, so students need 21st-century skills in order to confidently tackle whatever their futures hold. Often this means looking outside what textbooks and traditional teaching […]

10 Ways to Check for Student Understanding | Kami Classroom

Blog_10 Ways to Check Student Understanding

Checking student understanding is a vital part of any teaching process. It helps guide you in pacing the lesson appropriately, as well as ensuring your students are engaged and learning! However, sometimes it can be tricky – it might be last period on a Friday afternoon and all you have is a group of very […]

Whiteboard wizardry with Kami

Whiteboard wizardry

No matter how much our classrooms become inundated with technology, there will always be teachable moments that take place at the chalkboard. This “ready to write” space gives both teachers and students the ability to instantly express, erase, and then express again. But, what happens when the classroom is virtual, and the online students can’t […]