See the latest releases we’ve rolled out to improve top features, streamline workflows and support accessibility.

Introducing Kami’s new look

Hey Kami-ly! You may have noticed that Kami’s looking a bit different lately. It’s no secret that we’re growing up (fast), so with that came a new logo and a new app interface.

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or joined recently, there is no need to worry; we’re still the same learning platform you know and love. Keep reading to find out what else is new!


My Kami toolbar looks different. What’s changed?
Everything in your toolbar is just how you left it, but now the colors are different, and icons are simplified.

My Kami dashboard looks different. What’s changed?
A new Kami Library button has been added to the Open file from section and new videos have been added to Quick Tutorials.

Will there be more design changes soon?
Yes, but don’t worry; we will let you know whenever new changes are added.

Camera tool in Add Media

You can now take photos from your device’s camera, and insert that as an image in Kami! It’s as easy as going to Add Media, then selecting Camera to take a snap.

Camera tool in Add Media

Save time with Class View

Google Classroom teachers can now use our Class View feature to view, feedback, and grade multiple students’ assignments simultaneously.

The ability to manage assignments in bulk means that you can work through their work more efficiently, along with the option to use features like Annotation Bank, where you can drop and drop saved feedback.

Learn how to use Class View in this Help Center article, or see it in action in our Kami with Google Classroom tutorial video.

Publish Changes for Kami assignments

Kami and Google Classroom teachers can now test drive a new beta feature that allows you to edit Kami assignments already assigned to your students.

Publish Changes (beta) will make it easier for teachers to make annotation changes in Kami and release those changes to all student copies. Read this Help Center article before taking it for a spin!

We’d love to know what you think about Publish Changes and how we can make it better. Drop All your feedback to, or post it on our Kami Educators Community.

Kami Library enhancements

Save and organize templates with Collections

Now you can save your favorite templates and organize them in Collections. It’s as simple as hitting the bookmark button to get started! You can find them in Saved Templates but you can always create new ones and name them as you wish.

Split and Merge templates

The Kami Library just got a whole lot better with Split and Merge in it! Now you can pick templates you can mix and match with other resources to create new materials.

More ways to access free templates

You can now browse and open Kami Library templates from your Dashboard.

We’ve also added an option/button within our Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams assignment file picker, so you can quickly grab templates without leaving your LMS.

Kami and Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft teachers, this one is for you! Now you can install the Kami app in Microsoft Teams to create assignments and lessons with all the tools you need.

The Kami Library template picker is the newest addition to this integration, making it easier for teachers to grab free templates and attach that to their assignments. More improvements to follow, so stay tuned for more Kami and Microsoft Teams news!

Watch this 3-minute tutorial to learn more:

Keyboard accessibility in Kami

Our new keyboard accessibility feature allows you to navigate Kami – between buttons, links, and other controls – using the Tab key.

This feature can help many users with motor disabilities and anyone who relies on a keyboard device. Users without disabilities may use this feature as a preference or for efficiency.

For users with screen readers, Kami will read aloud the location and functionality of the selected button or link. For example, if you have the Dictionary tool selected, the audio will say “Dictionary tool button.”

Watch YouTube videos with closed captions

Enable closed captions on YouTube videos to make viewing more accessible for students. Find this in the Add Media tool, and within the YouTube player control bar. Click for the [CC] icon to turn it on – easy peasy!

For more controls, click the YouTube player settings (⚙︎ icon), and select Subtitle/CC, then Options to change the:

  • Font style, color, opacity, and size
  • Background color and opacity
  • Window color, opacity, and style.

Feature Control improvements

Now you can access your favorite Feature Control inside our Share Document feature. Better yet, you can select Remember Options to use the same setting for next time. Any changes to your selection will update in real-time for collaborators of the shared document.

Feature Control lets you switch on/off certain tools and features for your collaborators and is also accessible through our integration with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, and Microsoft Teams.

Updates you may have missed

More accessible fonts in Text Box
We’ve added another accessible font in Text Box! Now you can choose between Lexend and Open Dyslexic to accommodate readers who need support with reading.

More languages for Voice Typing
Voice Typing now support 14 languages. Choose from English, Español, Français, and so much more!

Set start time for YouTube videos
Select the start time for YouTube videos you add to your Kami documents.

Hide/show Collaborators
Choose to hide or show your document collaborators from All Collaborators.

QR Code added to Signature tool
Create or add new signatures by scanning the unique QR code with your mobile device.

Stroke type on Shapes
Choose between straight lines or dashed lines when you create new shapes.