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    Kami is joining forces with everyday classroom heroes 

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  • Why did we make the Kami Heroes Community?

    At Kami, we are lucky to work closely with everyday heroes who not only enjoy using Kami but also help others enjoy using Kami to its fullest extent. We’ve been overwhelmed these past five years by all the love and support you have given us, and we are just getting started. We are launching Kami Heroes to create a network of teachers who are using Kami to change how they teach. We want to be able to connect these heroes to each other and to other teachers so we can all support each other in making Kami the best it can be.

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  • Who are the Kami Heroes?

    Kami Heroes comprise a group of our well-versed Kami users who are currently out there spreading the good word of Kami. Kami Heroes are everyday heroes, whether they are Technology Specialists, Professional Development Specialists, or innovative classroom teachers. These are the people out there on the ground teaching others how to use Kami and promoting our brand. Teachers are everyday heroes, and Kami Heroes are everyday people who work together to learn and innovate.

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Kami Superheroes

Kami Superheroes is a group of specially selected, talented instructors who use their voice to share their vast experience in using EdTech tools to maximize students' learning. With our Superheroes, along with the Kami Heroes program, our goal is to introduce a group of trusted, certified trainers and speakers who can provide authentic and creative ways for educators to implement Kami in their classrooms. 

  • Ben Sondgeroth

    Regional Education Technology Coordinator, LTC Illinois

  • Debra Atchison

    Deb Atchison Consulting

  • Desiree Alexander

    Educator Alexander Consulting

  • Lance Key

    Math Teacher & Instructional Tech Specialist, VITAL - PCSSTN

  • Marcus Stein

    Director of Professional Development, AXI Education Solutions

Kami Heroes 2019

  • Aaron Francher

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Albert Cross

    Washington County, VA

  • Alexander Samia

    Houston, TX

  • Chad Fisher

    Frederick, MD

  • Crystal Blais

    Kennebunk, ME

  • Daniel Minde 

    Topeka, KS

  • Danna Pearsall

    Elizabethtown, KY

  • DaWanna Wilkins

    Conroe, TX

  • Estee Williams

    Beaufort, SC

  • Eve Heaton

    Beaufort, SC

  • Francis Van Hecke

    Melle, Belgium

  • Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

    Kennebunk, ME

  • James Norwood 

    Moreno Valley, CA

  • Jennifer Crane

    Buffalo, NY

  • Jennifer Ruiz

    Gulfport, MS

  • Jeremy Martin

    Justin, TX

  • Jill Nation

    Palm Springs, CA

  • Jillian Robinson

    Waskom, TX

  • Kara Di Giorgio

    Orange County, FL

  • Karen Stevens

    Burnsville, NC

  • Kathleen Akers

    Forney, TX

  • Kellie Blair Hardt

    Washington DC

  • Kristen San Filippo

    Locust Valley, NY

  • LaShara Pasic

    Brighton, CO

  • Mandi Bush

    Brentwood, CA

  • Megan Barnash

    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Melody Hastings

    Oakdale, CA

  • Nicole Thomson

    Orlando, FL

  • Philippe Lamoureaux

    Quebec, Canada

  • Rebecca Jurkowski

    Aurora, IL

  • Renee Smetana

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Richina Grau

    Melbourne, FL 

  • Ryan MacDonald

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Sarah Collins

    Havre, MT

  • Selma M Bayton

    West Palm Beach, FL

  • Sharon McMichael

    Austin, TX

  • Steve Smith

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Susan Carson

    Elizabethtown, KY 

  • Susanne Swanigan

    Monroe, WA

  • Terea Marcum

    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

  • Tiffany Moon

    Pickens, SC

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