Kami Heroes

Ambassador Program

Applications are now closed.
If you’re interested in earning your Kami Hero cape, reach out to our team below.

About Kami Heroes

Kami Heroes are the biggest champions of Kami. They believe in the power of community and support our mission. As ambassadors, they use Kami tools to empower fellow educators, improve learning outcomes and inspire others to reimagine digital learning. With support from fellow Heroes and the Kami Team, being a Kami Hero goes beyond the classroom. This program offers professional development, collaborative projects, sponsored training events and more.

What it means to be a Kami Hero

Be the first to know company news and get insight into new features and product enhancements; Provide product feedback to the Kami team.

Receive a complimentary upgrade to the Kami Teacher Plan for a year.

Speaking opportunities at webinars and other virtual or in-person events.

Early invite to online Kami webinars and events. Networking with fellow Heroes and the wider Kami Community Program.

Advance yourself as a thought leader by having your content shared through the Kami Blog and social media channels.

Get high-priority technical support from the Kami team.

Earn an exclusive Kami Hero badge and certificate to verify your membership.

Receive a welcome swag package in the mail and get priority for sponsorship requests.

We’re looking for educators who…

Have a deep understanding of Kami tools and features; An interest in professional development.

Can actively contribute to group discussions and shareable resources on Kami community channels.

Are vocal advocates of Kami within your community and beyond!

Represent Kami in virtual or in-person events as sponsored or organized by the team.

Help new Kami teachers get started by offering a free 3-month trial of the Teacher Plan.

Stay active and maintain an open line communication with the Kami Team. Each term is a 12-month commitment (i.e., January 2020 – January 2021).

Get in touch

Have questions about the Kami Heroes Program? Reach out to us through the link below.

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