ambassador program

Kami Heroes

Kami Heroes believe in the power of community. As ambassadors, they’re experts in using Kami to empower and inspire fellow educators to reimagine learning.

Applications will reopen in August.


What makes a Kami Hero

Kami Heroes are the biggest champions of Kami. As ambassadors, they use Kami tools to empower, inspire, and improve learning outcomes. This program offers professional development, collaborative projects, sponsored training events, and more!


Life as a Kami Hero

Be in the know

Be the first to know company news, including new features and product enhancements.

Kami for free

Upgrade to the Kami Teacher Plan as a complimentary gift from us.

Share your knowledge

Use your expertise to help your community by training others and speaking at Kami events.


Receive early invites to Kami events and network with the Kami Community Program.

Make your mark

Create content across our channels and represent Kami at conferences.

A quick fix

Get high-priority tech advice from the Kami Support team.

Team players

Contribute to group discussions and share resources on Kami community channels.

Bragging rights

Earn an exclusive Kami Hero badge and certificate to verify your membership.

Goodies galore!

Receive a welcome swag package in the mail and get priority for sponsorship requests.

are you ready

Got what it takes?

A leader

Are you Kami confident and have an interest in impacting your community?

A champion

Are you able to advocate for Kami within your school and beyond?

A communicator

Will you stay active and maintain an open line of communication with the Kami Team?

A Kami Certified Educator

Are you certified? If not, no worries, you can gain certified status before applying.

An expert

Are you confident making Kami-magic? Can you teach your tips and tricks to others?

An explorer

Are you able to travel to exciting conferences if an opportunity arises?

Ready to wear your Kami Hero cape?

Applications for the 2024/25 cohort will reopen in August.

Have a question or would like to know more about this program? Reach out to us below.

Some of our Heroes in action