Kami Heroes

Thank you to everyone who applied! Our new group of Kami Heroes will be announced in January 2020.

About Kami Heroes



Kami Heroes are passionate educators who believe in Kami's innovations. As ambassadors, they recognize how Kami tools can improve the digital learning environment in schools and empower like-minded educators to become successful members of the community.


Being a Kami Hero goes beyond the classroom. With full support from the Kami Team, this year-long program gives its members various opportunities to enhance professional development, host workshops at schools, attend EdTech events, and much more.



  • Megan Barnash

    Instructional Technology Coach at Scottsdale USD (Arizona, USA)

    "My favorite part about being a Kami Hero is being able to meet new people and share a tool that changes their teaching. Becoming a Kami Hero has improved my own professional development by connecting me with other teachers that utilize Kami."

  • Jill Nation

    Teacher at Cathedral City High School (California, USA)


    "The connection with the Kami Team is unlike any other company I have ever worked with before. They're professional and efficient, as well as fun and creative! Being a Hero also gave me the opportunity to work alongside them at national conferences, like CUE and ISTE. Those experiences have helped to make me a better teacher."

  • We're looking for educators who:

    ● Have
     a deep understanding of Kami tools and features; An interest in accelerating professional development

    Actively contribute to group discussions and shareable resources on Kami networks

    Be a vocal advocate of Kami on personal blogs, social media or PLN networks

    Proudly represent the brand accurately in events and school training

    Share your Kami experience and encourage potential users to sign up with a free Kami account using your unique coupon link

    Stay active and maintain an open line communication throughout your term as a Kami Hero. Each term is a 12-month commitment (i.e., January 2020 - January 2021).

  • Name
  • Name
  • What it means to be a Kami Hero:

    ● Be the first to know company news and get insight into new features and product enhancements; Provide product feedback to the Kami team.

    ● Get free training by completing the Kami Fundamentals Course, or the Customer Success team.

    ● Upgrade your license to a Kami Teacher Plan, for free! 

    ● Speaking opportunities to share your expertise and experiences at national events.

    ● Bi-monthly online workshops to discuss product updates, meet fellow Heroes around the world.

    ● Advance yourself as a thought leader by having your content shared through the Kami Blog and social media channels.

    ● Get high-priority technical support from the Kami team.

    ● Earn an exclusive Kami Hero badge and certificate to verify your membership.

    ● A chance to win 2020 Kami Hero of the Year, our very first one!

    ● Receive an exclusive swag package in the mail and get priority for awesome swag requests to giveaway at training sessions.

Meet 2019 Kami Heroes

  • Aaron Francher

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Albert Cross

    Washington County, VA

  • Alexander Samia

    Houston, TX

  • Chad Fisher

    Frederick, MD

  • Crystal Blais

    Kennebunk, ME

  • Daniel Minde 

    Topeka, KS

  • Danna Pearsall

    Elizabethtown, KY

  • DaWanna Wilkins

    Conroe, TX

  • Estee Williams

    Beaufort, SC

  • Eve Heaton

    Beaufort, SC

  • Francis Van Hecke

    Melle, Belgium

  • Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

    Kennebunk, ME

  • James Norwood 

    Moreno Valley, CA

  • Jennifer Crane

    Buffalo, NY

  • Jennifer Ruiz

    Gulfport, MS

  • Jeremy Martin

    Justin, TX

  • Jill Nation

    Palm Springs, CA

  • Jillian Robinson

    Waskom, TX

  • Kara Di Giorgio

    Orange County, FL

  • Karen Stevens

    Burnsville, NC

  • Kathleen Akers

    Forney, TX

  • Kellie Blair Hardt

    Washington DC

  • Kristen San Filippo

    Locust Valley, NY

  • LaShara Pasic

    Brighton, CO

  • Mandi Bush

    Brentwood, CA

  • Megan Barnash

    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Melody Hastings

    Oakdale, CA

  • Nicole Thomson

    Orlando, FL

  • Philippe Lamoureaux

    Quebec, Canada

  • Rebecca Jurkowski

    Aurora, IL

  • Renee Smetana

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Richina Grau

    Melbourne, FL 

  • Ryan MacDonald

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Sarah Collins

    Havre, MT

  • Selma M Bayton

    West Palm Beach, FL

  • Sharon McMichael

    Austin, TX

  • Steve Smith

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Susan Carson

    Elizabethtown, KY 

  • Susanne Swanigan

    Monroe, WA

  • Terea Marcum

    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

  • Tiffany Moon

    Pickens, SC

Kami Superheroes

 Kami Superheroes are professionals with extensive knowledge of educational technology and the power of #KamiforSchools. Previous teachers, they now help schools through consultancy, workshops, and training at events around the country. Each member was
hand-selected by the Kami Team, forming the group in March 2019.

  • Ben Sondgeroth

    Regional Educational Technology Coordinator,
    LTC Illinois

  • Deb Atchison

    Deb Atchison Consulting

  • Marcus Stein

    Director of Professional Development, AXI Education Solutions

  • Desiree Alexander

    Educator Alexander Consulting

  • Lance Key

    Instructional Technology Specialist, VITAL-PCSSTN