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What's New in Kami - August 2023

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Mouse clicks share button in Canva and then Open in Kami button

“Open with Kami” button in Canva

Quickly open any Canva file into Kami to add more magic to your designs.

Not seeing the button? Install the Kami Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension.

Presentation Mode tools

Make live interactions with laser pointer, freehand highlighter, and drawing.

A picture of the Kami dashboard in Español

Language settings with Español

You can now navigate Kami in English, Español, Français, or Afrikaans.

Grade by Page is now called Class View

Why the name change?  Teachers tell us they use this for more than just grading.  The whole class view lets them monitor all students in real time identifying at a glance those who need more help. 

Future enhancements will make
Class View even more powerful, so watch this space!

An image of a Google Classroom assignment with the new Kami Class View button

Class View in Schoology & Canvas

Track all your students’ work, give feedback and return grades, all in one whole class view.

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