10 Craft Ideas for Kindergartners

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Art activities are perfect for kids of all ages, but Kindergarten crafts are particularly good for; developing and teaching kids to recognize colors and shapes, fine motor skills, and expand their counting and recognition skills. Art projects and craft projects can be done all year round, however, as we approach spring break, it’s best to think ahead and plan some fun craft projects in case you need to buy any craft supplies for some memorable spring crafts.

We’ve collated some ideas for kids’ crafts inside and outside the classroom for this spring break, check out our blog. Whilst you’re thinking about fun projects for the children bear in mind that kindergarten art does not need to break the bank. Some of the best DIY project ideas can be made from items you already have in the house. I’m sure you agree that some of the most meaningful Mother’s Day cards are the ones made with love at home rather than purchased at the store. Those are the keepsakes you cherish. See below for Kami’s ideas for crafting and art activities.

10 Craft Ideas for Kindergartners

1. Coloring sheets

Coloring is a great activity to develop those fine motor skills. To make things easy for you Kami has a library of free printable coloring sheets specifically for kindergarteners. Please click here to review the ones best for spring crafts. To progress with color identification choose the rainbow craft sheet. To celebrate spring, learn about butterflies and color in some of our butterfly coloring templates and learn from facts about butterflies with the kids. If you’re celebrating Easter, we have some dedicated coloring sheets.

2. Clay turtles

To celebrate International Earth Day create some clay-sculpted turtles. The shell and legs are achievable for smaller people and they can get really creative with the patterns on the shell, helping to develop their skills at identifying patterns. If you cannot do clay sculptures, try using playdough and you’ll still be using the same hands-on skills.

3. Straw-painted peacocks

Get inspired by the colors of springtime and paint peacocks using watercolors to create some really beautiful and fun art projects. See here to see the process and see what tools you may need. Feel free to add some tissue paper to act as feathers and add some different textures.

4. Easter bunny masks

The Easter bunny is a great inspiration for kids of all ages, but with the hype of Easter eggs, it’s a great opportunity to use old egg cartons to add some eggs for the Easter bunny to deliver to all the kids. Dig out those pipe cleaners for the whiskers! There are some great craft blogs out there but this one is our favorite for making Easter bunny masks using paper plates.

5. Flower crafts

It’s not just Van Gogh and Monet who’ve been inspired by flowers. Springtime and spring break can be the first time we’ve ventured outside after a long winter. Paper flowers are a beautiful inspiration for even young kids and making flowers is a great starter art project for kindergarteners. See here for how to get the budding artists out there started.

6. Salt paintings

We all know that glitter is a lot of fun for art projects, but we also know it’s really bad for the environment. Replicate the texture by using glue and salt instead. Once the salt has dried use watercolors to make some bright craft projects. Kids can really use their imagination with this craft idea, click here to see a useful guide.

7. Tree paintings

If you’re on a nature walk and need a day craft project after, start discussing the texture of leaves, stones, and trees around you. Once home, you can ask the kids to put their new exploring into practice by making these gorgeous tree paintings. It’s a great opportunity to break out those crayons and make them as colorful as possible to bring out the different patterns and textures of the trees.

8. Freestyle construction paper art project

If following a particular design is a bit intimidating then use this idea to create some fun craft pictures. If you have any stickers the kids might enjoy adding them to the art project. All you need is white construction paper, watercolors, a paintbrush, and a willingness to get stuck in!

9. Shape garlands

Work on shape identification by creating these shape garlands. This is a very fun project (and a secret math lesson) with the chance to practice fine motor skills with scissors, identify shapes, and use color identification to differentiate the shapes.

10. DIY Jellyfish

If you’re gearing up for World Ocean Day why not make your own jellyfish with googly eyes to hang from the ceiling? This is a great paper plate craft idea, and why not use those old toilet paper rolls to create spiral legs? If you have any old paper bags lying around this is a great place to start. This guide will help you get as intricate as you like.

Enjoy these art project ideas!

All of us here at Kami hope you have lots of fun bringing these hands-on art activities to life either at school or home. Springtime is an exciting time of year and hopefully, these craft ideas will help your kids really enjoy Easter and all the other fun projects you’ve got planned for spring break. Don’t miss our blog for ideas for spring break.

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