30 Spring Break Activity Ideas

Spring Break Activities

For most children, spring break is a great chance to get away from the classroom, have a break from direct learning, and have some family fun. You might not be going away or going to camp, but don’t worry, Kami is here to make sure you have some fun activities with your kids to make it a memorable time! If you’re coming out of a heavy winter, springtime is the perfect time for the whole family to get together to do some outdoor activities. If you’re not able to do a getaway then check our staycation ideas.

We’ve rounded up 30 fun ways indoor and outdoor spring break activities for kids. There’s guaranteed to be something for kids of all ages.

Craft ideas

For the crafty children out there please see some budget-friendly options for spring break activities:

  • Make a nature collage. Go and find some bits from the garden or local park to do a collage of the local area. Bonus points for doing this throughout the year to show how nature changes through the seasons. Go make your own masterpieces!
  • If you’ve got access to some rocks, do some cool rock painting for decorations all through the year
  • Design some homemade cards for thank yous or the upcoming holidays
  • Design a time capsule for your family and bury it in the back garden
  • Do you have a big family? Make your own Guess Who board game and have lots of fun guessing who is wearing that silly hat or funny glasses.
  • If you celebrate Easter, check out this list for some great ideas for crafty types
  • Do some face painting from these ideas. An excellent time to brush up on those painting skills

Indoor activity ideas

If the weather isn’t great, don’t sweat it. We have some fun things to do on those cold rainy days:

  • Get your playlist out and host a dance party. Extra points for getting some disco lights on the go!
  • Get that blood pumping and do an exercise video together. P.E. with Joe is a great resource to burn off some of that energy.
  • The floor is lava is a great tv show and you can recreate it at home with just what you have in the living room
  • Set up a scavenger hunt at home. There’s some really fun inspiration here for you to browse.
  • Design your own escape room. This is a great stimulating activity that will get kids pumped and working as a team if you have a few to entertain. There is a helpful resource here to give you some ideas.
  • STEM & STEAM activities for the older kids can provide some serious mental stimulation to crack these puzzles
  • Build a fort with the kids to give them some novelty time inside the house
  • Help NASA get to Mars. Click here to see NASA’s kids’ activities to make your own future astronauts
  • A reading challenge! Access Kami’s templates and set discussion points around the work afterward.

Outdoor activity ideas

Here are some ideas for kids of all ages. If you’ve got outside space then you already know its great for the spring break vacation. Otherwise, head to the local parks to get away from the house:

  • Set up an obstacle course in the local park or your garden. Use this link to find some ideas using items you’ve already got at home
  • If you’ve got the space, start a veggie garden. Kids love planting and will really enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor. Fingers crossed that the weather gets those vegetables going
  • Do some sidewalk art. If you can get your hands on some chalk, use this inspiration to do some sidewalk art and get creative
  • Make a difference. Check out your local volunteering initiatives and see if you can give back to the community
  • Go on a nature walk. Beforehand look up what flora and fauna you might see along the way. Make sure you’re not rushed to make sure you really pay attention to the natural world
  • Find the local ducks. Take some nutritional food and find some facts to engage the kids with beforehand
  • If you’ve got good weather, play bubbles outside. Never-ending fun so keep the washing-up liquid handy for refills
  • Visit a national park. Look here for the US national park website to help you soothe your itchy feet

Family activities

Term time means that sometimes it is hard to have family activities altogether. Use the spring break to change that and create some lasting memories:

  • Have a movie night. Peruse a good list of possible family movie options here to keep even the fussiest watchers happy. A good option for kids of all ages
  • Host a slumber party. Do you still remember the overwhelming excitement of having a friend or two for a sleepover? Lean into the novelty by laying out sleeping bags on the floor and maybe making a den for them to sleep in.
  • Play some board games. See here for a great list of new games if you’re bored of Monopoly and Cluedo
  • Home video show. Get together some old photos of the children when they were younger and have a slideshow
  • Hit the local library. All go and select your own books and then discuss together when you’ve finished.
  • Hit the museum. But this time, not the local museum. If you look here you can find the world’s best museums that do virtual tours
  • Visit a water park. Find your local park and plan to spend the day there. Kids remember water parks for years!

Spring break is a great chance for kids to have fun with their families and take a break from the classroom. Whether they prefer indoor or outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone. With these 30 activity ideas, your students can learn, have fun, and create lasting memories!

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