Importance of handwriting in the modern classroom | Logitech

Graphic of the Kami dashboard using a handwriting template

The need to flex our writing skills with physical pen and paper is becoming increasingly rare. So, why do we still bother teaching handwriting in schools? Technology gives us interactive, instant letter formation through typing and apps. Isn’t it obvious that the next generation will need even less handwriting practice than we did? If writing […]

Tips for Fake News Lesson Planning

Graphic showing a news article with speech bubbles over the top

Fake news is everywhere and it’s causing very real problems – from interfering with political elections to undermining public health. Nearly 80% of United States consumers report having seen fake news related to Covid-19, according to research by Statista. More broadly speaking, all global citizens who have access to digital information are subject to fake […]

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

Kami Dog with Love Heart Balloon

Whether you knew it or not, October 5th is set aside each year to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Also known as International Teachers’ Day, it’s been around since 1994 after the UNESCO Recommendation acknowledging the responsibilities of teachers. First celebrated in 1994, the day is meant to recognize the positive impact that teachers have in […]

How to Use Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom

Social media cops a lot of flack, with many arguing the online world is a distraction for students and their learning. With smartphones in the back pockets of students everywhere, young people are spending a record number of hours on apps like Snapchat and TikTok – so it’s easy to see why social media has […]

Back-to-School with Kami and Wacom

Graphic showing Kami dashboard and using the drawing tool

With more technology in the classroom, learning is becoming more dynamic and interactive. Students can collaborate in new ways, show their learning in ways that work for them, and feedback is more personalized and effective. We’ve pulled together four ways you can use Kami and Wacom in your classroom this Back-to-School season to level-up learning […]

Back-to-School: Making the Perfect First Impression

Making the Perfect First Impression

Feeling a little nervous about the first day of the new school year is totally normal. Many teachers, no matter how experienced, feel anxious about greeting their new students, having their awesome resources prepared, and getting back into the swing of things. It all starts with making a great first impression because research shows that […]

The Power of Project-based Learning

Learning the Kami Basics: The Power of Project-based Learning

Kami Connect Speaker Sessions | Steve Martinez I know that Project-based Learning (PBL) might not be new to all, but for some, it’s a relatively new concept that can seem pretty foreign. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be – that’s why my two main goals for this piece include explaining how I got started with […]