Changes to State Testing in New York

Computer Based Testing in New York school districts

A summary of the State Education Department’s memo to schools On June 1, 2022, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) announced its plan to join 48 other states and transition to computer-based testing (CBT) for students in Grades 3–8. The process will start with mandatory ELA, math, and science CBT for students in grades […]

5 Collaborative Classroom Activities You Can Do in Kami

Jamboard activities you can do in Kami

Whether or not you use Jamboard, Kami is the digital whiteboard for you. The education community woke to the news that Google Jamboard will soon start winding down. Teachers and students who love using the Google platform will now be considering their options. Look no further than Kami. Google Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard […]

Digital Citizenship Read Along

Blog_Digital Citizenship for Kids

This blog is for you and your students to read together. It covers the basics of digital citizenship and why it matters.   So what is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship is all about understanding how to act responsibly online. You might have noticed, you’ve got the whole world available at a click! And with this […]

ChatGPT and Academic Cheating: Cause for Concern?

Chat GPT in a text box with an exclamation point

This blog is all about how students might misuse ChatGPT to do their work for them. If you’d like to find out what ChatGPT can do for teachers, check out our How to Use ChatGPT in Classrooms, and ChatGPT: A Time Management Tool blogs. Right, back to the students. Understandably, the appearance of an AI […]

ChatGPT: A Time Management Tool

How to use Chat GPT for your own schedule

You’ve read what ChatGPT is, how to use it in the classroom, and whether you should be concerned about academic cheating. You’ve come this far, why not stick around for one last blog? Five minutes now could save hours in the future.  We want to help you get the most out of your hours, so […]

How to Use ChatGPT in Classrooms

How to use ChatGPT in Classrooms

ChatGPT has captured the imaginations of many and, unsurprisingly, generated excitement and fear in equal measure. But as well as being a hot topic, it can also be an incredibly powerful tool. With a small introduction (like this blog) you can learn to get the most out of what AI programs like ChatGPT can offer. […]

What is ChatGPT and How Can It Be Useful?

Dark green background with two speech bubbles - one with a yellow bubble with ellipses in orange and the other with a green bubble that has a question mark inside

If you already know more about ChatGPT than an advanced AI chatbot , you may want to jump straight to our other ChatGPT blogs: How to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom, ChatGPT and Academic Cheating: A Cause for Concern, and ChatGPT: A Time Management Tool. If not, stick around and find out more about this […]

Classroom Management Strategies for High School

Classroom Management Strategies for High School

Alongside academic achievements, high school should set students up for more independent study at college or university, or to find employment. So, classroom management strategies for high school classes need to allow room for independence, self-management, and keeping order. For high school teachers, it’s a delicate balance between developing their students’ independence and ensuring that […]

Classroom Management Strategies for Middle School

Classroom Management Strategies for middle school

Middle school is a time of transition. Students are moving away from elementary school and are becoming adolescents, preparing for high school. It’s a time when things can change rapidly, and emotions often run high, so being a middle school teacher is challenging. Effective classroom management strategies are important to help create a positive learning […]

Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary School

Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary Schools

You might think that elementary students are too young to really adapt to classroom management, but even young children at the beginning of their schooling can benefit from a good classroom culture. Introducing young students to classroom management techniques can also prepare them for middle school and high school when classes get more complex. Six […]

Why is Classroom Management Important?

Why is Classroom Management Important

If you’ve ever walked into a great teacher’s classroom, you’ve probably noticed how well they manage the classroom environment. That’s no accident — it’s all about effective classroom management strategies. Alongside your lesson plans and decisions about classroom supplies, one of the best things you can do at the start of the school year is […]

The Four Common Classroom Management Styles

Lilac background with two speech bubbles and a decorative circle

Have you ever stopped to think about the way you interact with your class and control your classroom? Perhaps you greet each student at the door? Maybe group work is a big part of the learning environment in your class. Perhaps you prefer for lessons to be tightly run to schedule and for as few […]