Check out our library of fun coloring worksheets for you to use in your classroom!

We know that kids really enjoy coloring activities, but it’s important to remember why coloring activities can offer many benefits for kindergartners’ development.

Coloring helps develop:

    • Hand-eye coordination: Coloring helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children learn to hold and manipulate crayons or coloring pencils or use computers with great skill.

    • Creativity: Coloring encourages creativity and imagination. Children can explore different color combinations and experiment with different drawing techniques.

    • Focus and concentration: Coloring requires concentration and focus. Coloring is a fun way to help children develop these skills over time.

    • Self-expression: Coloring can be a way for kindergartners to express their emotions and feelings in a nonverbal way.

    • Confidence and self-esteem: Finishing a coloring page can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

    • Relaxation: Coloring can be a calming, fun activity that helps children relax and unwind.

    • Brain development: Coloring as a learning activity can stimulate brain development by improving cognitive skills such as color recognition, pattern recognition, and spatial awareness.

Coloring Activities

Gather students together and show them the different colors of the rainbow. Ask them if they know what the colors are called. Here you can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colors and explain how they can be mixed to create new colors.


We’ve long appreciated the beauty of butterfly coloring templates. We’ve got a ton of free printable coloring pages that you can turn into a butterfly coloring book.

    • Here is a simple coloring sheet for younger students with a butterfly theme to color in.

    • This butterfly template coloring sheet is perfect for kids! Bring their creativity to life.

    • Unleash your creativity with our butterfly template for school projects.

    • These four blank butterflies are a coloring template waiting to be filled with creative designs.

    • This coloring template with butterflies is just waiting for some bright colors to come to life.

    • This butterfly template coloring sheet is perfect for using all the primary colors.


Take the lead from the natural world with these flora coloring worksheets.

    • Take inspiration from flowers picked for a vase and make it as colorful as possible.


Make your classroom royalty with these fun and colorful crown templates!

Celebrate coloring throughout the year…

    • Bring some Easter cheer to your students with our adorable printable kindergarten Easter coloring sheets. Perfect for kids to decorate and enjoy! Kami has a variety of Easter-inspired coloring worksheets.

    • This blank Ramadan-inspired template is perfect for a kindergarten worksheet, giving the kids the opportunity to relax and get creative during their lesson while you chat through some Ramadan traditions and beliefs.

    • Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our fun and engaging coloring sheets featuring a pot of gold! Includes a color-by-numbers template.

    • Give your students a creative brain break with this pumpkin coloring worksheet. Will your students go for a classic approach, or mix their color palette up with some spookier shades?

    • This is a Diwali rangoli with the numbers provided. Enjoy coloring together and make a Diwali decoration for your room.

    • Let your student’s creativity soar during the holiday season with our Christmas color by numbers. Featuring fun and festive Christmas-themed templates with included blanks.

Not forgetting…

We also have healthy food designs, parrots, fish, ice cream, and of course, the classic rainbow kindergarten coloring pages!

Get colorful!

Coloring is a fun way to engage kindergartners and offers many benefits for children’s development. It can help them develop important skills and build confidence in their abilities. You’ll appreciate the great variety of kindergarten coloring pages on offer to you in the Kami library for your lesson plans.