As a proud Kiwi company, we’re willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make sure all our students stay on track no matter what’s thrown our way.

That’s why Kami Premium licenses are, and will always be, free for New Zealand schools. 

“With all primary to tertiary students learning from home, we want to make this transition seamless and easy for them, allowing students to interact with their teachers and not be left behind in the curriculum.”

– Hengjie Wang, CEO and co-founder of Kami

So if you’re a Kiwi school principal, teacher, or student, here’s how you can sign up to Kami Premium for free:

How to get your free NZ Kami license

To set up a free account, go to and sign up using your school email address and school details. 

Once we have verified your school and location, your account will automatically be upgraded to Kami Premium.

(Note: Personal email addresses won’t be recognised or trigger the verification process.)

What if you already have a Kami account?

If you already have a Kami account and you’re signed in using your school email, your account will automatically be upgraded!

Having trouble? Chat with us!

If you qualify for a free New Zealand Kami account but have yet to receive it, please get in touch with our wonderful Customer Service team at, so we can get you up and running manually.

Help hub

If you’re new to Kami, or simply want to level up your skills, there are loads of resources to get you started:

Remote learning resources 

At Kami, it’s our duty to support schools, teachers, and students during this tough lockdown period, and beyond. To learn more about how Kami can help you with remote learning check out our resources.