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Have so much fun it’s scary with these Kami classroom resources! 

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Spooky Shakespeares 

Let your student’s creative pumpkin juices flow with this Halloween-inspired acrostic poem!


Image of acrostic poem
Pumpkin Painting

Let your class unleash their inner artists with a pumpkin coloring activity – the greener and slimier the better!


Image of coloring in page
Monster Mash

Get your students to make the most scare-tastic goblin or ghoul they can think up! Why not drop some inspo in the Kami document to get them frighteningly fired up.


Image of Monster activity
Creepy Cauldron

Boil, bubble, and brew up something sickly with this Spooky Recipe resource. Mmm, smells like bat wings and frog eyeballs are on the menu! 


Image of recipe activity
Trick or Tale

Use this activity to get a spooky storytime going! Make sure to dim the lights and pass a torch around!


Image of story telling activity
Hide and Screech Word Search 

Be on the hunt for monsters, pumpkins, cobwebs, and more in this tricky classroom activity.  


Image of word search
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