Running a Successful Kindergarten Class

Yellow background with 'abc' graphic next to a purple speech bubble and orange heart

Did you know that the idea of kindergarten in the United States was first developed in the 1900s when the National Kindergarten Association was set up in New York to promote the idea of a public school kindergarten system? Today, most states across America require school districts to offer either full-day kindergarten or a half-day […]

5 Tech Tools to use With Kami

5 Tech Tools to Use with Kami

“Tech” in the classroom If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a teacher. But, before you were a teacher, in times of yore, you were also probably a student. It’s plain to see that classrooms have changed quite a bit since “the old days”. Blackboards and chalk are gone, overhead projectors sit in storage, and […]

Benefits of Personalized Instruction

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Personalized instruction, sometimes called Personalized learning, is a powerful new approach to education. It emphasizes students’ autonomy in their own education. It lets them choose what they learn, and at what pace. It’s a well-documented approach to education that is picking up momentum around the world. This approach is complemented by a similar approach called […]

Audio and Accessibility in the Classroom

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Teaching has always been a balance between implementing new technology and respecting tried and tested traditional education tools. In a world where it seems a new device is invented every eight hours, this balance is becoming even more difficult to navigate. This is also a component in the Universal Design for Learning that we discuss […]

Mother’s Day Activities for Students

Blog_Mother_s Day Templates

Mother’s Day is practically here. With so many national holidays happening all the time, it can be hard to keep track of them all! As any parent will tell you, being somebody’s mom is a full-time unpaid job with no holiday pay or sick leave available: Being a mother to several people is even more […]

Using Cornell Notes for better note–taking

Blog_Cornell Notes

Discover our collection of Cornell Notes templates in the Kami Library. Cornell Notes | Lined Cornell Notes | Purple Cornell Notes | Three Sections See these and more in the Kami Library. Have you ever looked over your students’ notes and wondered how they’ll ever make sense of them? Perhaps while you are teaching, you […]

Spellings for Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Spelling List

To improve primary school students’ spelling, introduce strategies for learning new words. You can create a Key Stage 2 word list for students to practise at home for any in-class spelling tests. The words on the list should cover common spelling errors and important spelling rules. The English language has some difficult words that Key […]

Common Exception Words for Year 2 Students

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Common exception words are words in English that have unusual spelling. They don’t follow the usual phonetic rules or spelling rules. These words are often taught separately, for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students, from regular words because they can’t be sounded out phonetically. Here is a list of common exception words which […]

English Worksheets for Year 1

Year 1 English Worksheet

Where to start? When introducing reading and writing to primary school students it’s best to follow the national curriculum’s guidelines so that your students can: *There are 26 letters in the English alphabet which make 44 different sounds called phonemes. We believe the best way to improve a student’s reading comprehension is to make the […]

Nonverbal Reasoning

Blog_Non Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning vs nonverbal reasoning, what’s the difference? If you read the title of this blog and applied a bit of verbal reasoning, you may have deduced what nonverbal reasoning (NVR) is. If you guessed something along the lines of “nonverbal reasoning is the ability to understand and analyze visual information without relying on written […]

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

As educators, we become familiar with dozens, if not hundreds, of different methods for teaching and testing our students. Even within the same subject, there are so many different kinds of aptitude tests that it can be hard to keep up sometimes! But, some testing styles survive longer than others. Verbal reasoning tests have been […]

Adaptive Teaching: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Blog_Adaptive Teaching

Anyone who has been in the education industry for more than a week will understand teaching is always evolving. As the world changes, so do young people, and the teachers’ standards and lesson plans need to change with them. Each year, more research and studies show different approaches and how each student is a unique […]

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