Pride Month Activities for Students

Pride Month Activities for Students with the Kami Dog in the right hand corner

Why is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month important? Throughout history, members of the LGBTQ+ community have faced discrimination and persecution and have struggled for their basic human rights to be recognized. Although the situation is gradually improving across more liberal parts of the world, bigotry, and misinformation are still rampant. This is evidenced by the sad fact […]

Classroom Management Strategies for High School

Classroom Management Strategies for High School

Alongside academic achievements, high school should set students up for more independent study at college or university, or to find employment. So, classroom management strategies for high school classes need to allow room for independence, self-management, and keeping order. For high school teachers, it’s a delicate balance between developing their students’ independence and ensuring that […]

Classroom Management Strategies for Middle School

Classroom Management Strategies for middle school

Middle school is a time of transition. Students are moving away from elementary school and are becoming adolescents, preparing for high school. It’s a time when things can change rapidly, and emotions often run high, so being a middle school teacher is challenging. Effective classroom management strategies are important to help create a positive learning […]

Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary School

Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary Schools

You might think that elementary students are too young to really adapt to classroom management, but even young children at the beginning of their schooling can benefit from a good classroom culture. Introducing young students to classroom management techniques can also prepare them for middle school and high school when classes get more complex. Six […]

Why is Classroom Management Important?

Why is Classroom Management Important

If you’ve ever walked into a great teacher’s classroom, you’ve probably noticed how well they manage the classroom environment. That’s no accident — it’s all about effective classroom management strategies. Alongside your lesson plans and decisions about classroom supplies, one of the best things you can do at the start of the school year is […]

The Four Common Classroom Management Styles

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Have you ever stopped to think about the way you interact with your class and control your classroom? Perhaps you greet each student at the door? Maybe group work is a big part of the learning environment in your class. Perhaps you prefer for lessons to be tightly run to schedule and for as few […]

Kindergarten Math Worksheets to Introduce Key Concepts

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Introducing math concepts to kindergarten students can be tricky, especially if it’s not your strongest subject! So, because we’ve got your back, we’ve stocked the Kami Library with plenty of templates to help you with your math activities. Some students will have learned to recognize numbers already in pre-k or during homeschool, but others will […]

Kindergarten Classroom Rules to Help Your Class Run Smoothly

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Kindergarten students may be young but, even in the first year of school, it’s still important that they learn to follow some basic rules to help with classroom management and the smooth running of the school day. One of your lesson plans for early in the school year should be about setting some rules for […]

Kindergarten Activities to Engage and Challenge

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The kindergarten class is where children develop key skills that take them from pre–k to elementary school and beyond. Lesson plans for this grade should include a range of activities that cover all the core elements of the curriculum. Because kindergarten students are still quite young (4 to 6-year-olds), it’s a good idea to have […]

Kindergarten Worksheets for Easy Lesson Planning

Kindergarten Worksheets

There’s a lot to pack into kindergarten classes: literacy, numeracy, science, language, art, and social studies, not to mention helping students develop their social and emotional skills. But don’t panic—we’ve got you covered! The Kami Library has a wide range of free kindergarten worksheets for your lesson plans. Our worksheets are printable, or you can […]

Running a Successful Kindergarten Class

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Did you know that the idea of kindergarten in the United States was first developed in the 1900s when the National Kindergarten Association was set up in New York to promote the idea of a public school kindergarten system? Today, most states across America require school districts to offer either full-day kindergarten or a half-day […]

5 Tech Tools to use With Kami

5 Tech Tools to Use with Kami

“Tech” in the classroom If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a teacher. But, before you were a teacher, in times of yore, you were also probably a student. It’s plain to see that classrooms have changed quite a bit since “the old days”. Blackboards and chalk are gone, overhead projectors sit in storage, and […]