Kindergarten Math Worksheets to Introduce Key Concepts

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Introducing math concepts to kindergarten students can be tricky, especially if it’s not your strongest subject!

So, because we’ve got your back, we’ve stocked the Kami Library with plenty of templates to help you with your math activities.

Some students will have learned to recognize numbers already in pre-k or during homeschool, but others will still need help to develop the skills they need before 1st grade. Most of our worksheets can be adapted for students who need a bit more math practice or who are closer to first-grade levels.

You can search for free printable kindergarten math worksheets using keywords, but to make it even easier, here are some of our most popular templates to help your class develop math skills.

Number worksheets and counting worksheets

The most basic elements of math are number recognition, learning basic math facts, and developing number sense — the ability to understand and connect numbers. Number sense helps students to:

  • Visualize numbers and their connection through ideas like number bonds and addends.
  • Split and connect numbers (addition, subtraction, finding factors, and multiples).
  • Connect numbers with the real world, such as knowing how many pieces of fruit are left in the bowl or how many each person can share equally.

Our number worksheets and counting worksheets start at the basics and then give learners the chance to build their skills.

  • Number line worksheets — These visual guides help children count from 1–10 and then up to 20 and explore the idea of missing numbers.
  • Number charts — These charts help children to explore numbers visually and recognize the correct number when asked. They can also be used for counting, adding, and subtracting activities, and the 1 – 100 chart can also be used to introduce place value. You could also use these as number tracing worksheets for students to practice writing numbers.
  • Color more/fewer and Draw more/fewer worksheets — These worksheets are good for children who are exploring numbers but might not be able to write them clearly. They can also introduce sequencing.
  • Number line addition worksheets — These worksheets introduce basic addition problems but provide students with a number line to help them.
  • Subtraction worksheets — These worksheets include visual aids to help students practice counting skills and solve subtraction word problems.
  • Double Me worksheets — These worksheets introduce the idea of skip counting and multiplication.
  • Money worksheets — Counting with money can help children relate math to the real world.

Most of our worksheets can be used year-round but look out as well for worksheets that can be tied to special occasions, like the Counting Gold template for St Patrick’s Day.

Shape worksheets

Shapes are a simple visual way to introduce a range of math concepts.

Cutting halves worksheet — This worksheet helps children understand shapes and concepts such as fractions and division.

Color in the circles worksheet — This worksheet introduces students to geometry and recognizing shapes. Coloring worksheets can also help with motor skills

Graphing worksheets

Graphing is a great way to introduce students to data collection and terms like bar graphs and pie charts. You can collect data on almost anything for a graph, so it’s also a great way to find out more about your students!

Teach children how to use tally marks as a simple way of collecting their figures, and then use our graph paper to make it easier for your students to create their own bar graphs or line graphs.

Math games can reinforce concepts

Playing math games in class can help to reinforce what students are learning through hands-on experiences.

Mix up your workbooks and flashcards with time for students to play in small groups. Collecting data for graphs, playing card games that require addition or subtraction, or playing dice games can all helps students when they are learning numbers.

While you are browsing the library, don’t forget to check out our other worksheets for kindergarten teachers. From handwriting practice to seating plans to help you set up your kindergarten classroom we’ve got everything you need.

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