What is included in Kami’s free basic plan?

Graphic showing the Kami dashboard

Kami is and will always be available to use free of charge. Our free accounts don’t require a credit card for sign-up and the service is a totally ad-free.

Signing up is quick and easy! To get started, go to web.kamiapp.com, or download the Chrome extension here.

What does the free basic plan include?

Kami’s free basic plan allows you to:

  • Use a totally no ads service.
  • Access to our basic toolbar functions which includes all our annotating, highlighting, and drawing functions.
  • Easily view PDFs, documents, images, and ebooks through Kami.
  • Autosave your Kami files to Google Drive.
  • Convert scanned files into readable PDFs using our OCR tool (Optical Character Recognition). Learn more about OCR here.

Why should I get an upgraded plan?

Kami’s free basic plan is a great way to get started with the app and explore how it can be used best in your classroom. When you upgrade, you’ll get access to our seamless integrations with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas which allow you to easily send assignments to your students and receive their responses. You and your students will also get access to all the annotation tools, such as Dictionary, Text to Speech, Audio/Video annotations, and more.

To access our full suite of features you can simply click the ‘Upgrade’ button in the top left. Find out more about our different accounts and pricing here.

Helpful resources to get you started

If you are new to Kami or simply want to level up your skills, there are loads of resources to get you started.