Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

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Whether you knew it or not, October 5th is set aside each year to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Also known as International Teachers’ Day, it’s been around since 1994 after the UNESCO Recommendation acknowledging the responsibilities of teachers.

First celebrated in 1994, the day is meant to recognize the positive impact that teachers have in their various education systems. Although learning conditions are different around the world, the passion and responsibilities of teachers are universal. Working conditions are hardly ever ideal (some people think teaching is a 9-5 job, LOL) but empowering teachers starts with recognition of the importance and the sheer hugeness of their role. Qualified teachers provide quality education. Every day, teachers make a positive impact in our communities, and thanks to social media, we can acknowledge the status of teachers as vital characters in our communities.

World Teachers’ Day is not the same as Teacher Appreciation Week, which is usually observed at the start of May. Teacher Appreciation Week is a national occurrence, whereas World Teacher’s Day is global! Each World Teachers’ Day has a different theme; This year is –
“The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers.” This applies not only to the technological changes we’ve seen in the past few years but the ongoing efforts to strive toward social equality and providing opportunities for all students.

Anybody who’s ever attended school remembers their favorite teacher. More often than not, a great teacher can ignite a lifelong passion for a subject or field of academia.

World Teachers’ Day is to celebrate how teachers are transforming education but also to reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation and to rethink the way ahead for the profession globally. Typically, the actual ceremony is held in Paris. The pandemic has made attendance difficult the past few years, but there is a full week of webinars available for teachers around the world to tune into. The content this year includes a discussion on teacher innovation, a premier film screening, as well as several more informative panels. See the full agenda here.

As indicated by UNESCO, World Teachers’ Day speaks to a massive token of the mindfulness, comprehension, and thankfulness shown for the fundamental commitment that educators make in advancement by teaching.

Young teachers: The future of the profession

The pandemic has thrown challenges towards virtually every industry, and the education system is no exception. In such unprecedented times, even qualified teachers needed to adapt to these unique learning conditions. New benchmarks have been set and met as teachers found new ways to connect with their students and continued to provide quality education. Our younger teachers deserve recognition for joining the industry in a time of such challenging uncertainty. The connection that learners and educators maintained throughout such a challenging time will be at the heart of education recovery. As we begin to move into more digital and blended learning environments, the reality of achieving the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organizations’ sustainable development goals, such as Quality Education, becomes more and more tangible.

If we want to continue to support teachers and to recognize the exceptional work they do, calendar events like World Teachers’ Day are essential.

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