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Insights in Class View (Beta)

Our latest beta feature makes it easier than ever to monitor student progress with real-time analytics.

Student Performance provides an overview of your class’s performance for each assignment, including:

Assignment Analysis lets you identify patterns of missed questions and incorrect answers to quickly fix problems in real-time using Publish Changes, including:

Grade Matrix is coming soon!

Log into Kami with Clever SSO

Access Kami faster and more securely using your Clever Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.

Gradually rolling out by the end of February.

‘Open with Kami’ in Teachers Pay Teachers

Open Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) resources directly into Kami with a single click.

Not seeing the button? Check that you’ve installed the Kami Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension.

*Not available from the TPT app.

Drag and drop annotations across pages

Move annotations between pages without needing to recreate them.

Gradually rolling out by the end of February.

Duplicate Kami assignments in Microsoft Teams

Reuse content with multiple classes by duplicating a Kami assignment.

*Available with our Microsoft Teams integration.

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