7 Star Templates

7 Star Templates

Learning about space

National Space Day is celebrated on May 5 this year. If you’re learning about space in your classroom, consider these videos as a fun way to share some info about stars, space, planets, and constellations. Get your students to write down some of the facts from the videos on their star printable templates whilst they’re coloring them in. If your students are space superfans, check out NASA’s learning activities here.

Free Printable Star Coloring Pages

See below for Kami’s very own free printable star worksheets. We’ve provided different size star templates for you do to your own craft projects. They are a fun way to do some DIY crafts of snowflakes or winter crafts, including Christmas-inspired crafts. If you want to combine them with other Kami templates access our library here.

1. Star Template

This 5-point star shape template is the perfect star shape for you to edit with text and images online. You can even save it for Christmas decoration designs at home. Simply print the PDF file and your students can use it to design their own Christmas craft project in the classroom or at home. If the kids are using it at home, they can access some DIY craft ideas here, a fun way to decorate any scrapbook they may have at home.

2. Connect the dots star template

Use this connect-the-dot star template for developing fine motor skills, counting, and numbers. This will create a 5-point star outline and has a nice guide around the border for those getting to grips with the star shape template.

3. Multiple connect the dots star template

For a more complicated star template than the above, try this star template with a 5-point star and other star shapes to give it a more advanced astronomy craft design. Great if you shared any of the videos linked above and the kids have observed some real stars in space.

4. Purple portrait star template

Use Kami’s portrait start template to use all our excellent online features. Add images or videos in the portrait space. Ask your students to add their own designs and facts about stars they have learned. Access here.

5. Full sheet of star stencils

Our full sheet of 5-point star stencils is a fun way to create some DIY crafts for astronomy craft projects. There are 64-star stencils here for your students to cut out if you print or access them online or offline to decorate.

6. Multiple star patterns template

Our multi-star pattern template gives the most design options. Including 5-point stars, 8-point stars, 4-point stars, and 7-point stars. Use this as a numeracy exercise while they’re designing and editing the star templates.

7. Shooting star template

Bring the stars to your screen with our shooting star template. They’ll enjoy adding colors and other designs to this fun star template.

Enjoy being among the stars

Kami’s small star templates and our extra large star templates give you the opportunity to discuss our solar system in the classroom. We’ve covered the different sizes and shapes for you and your students to explore. To infinity and beyond!

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