Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (and Dyslexia Awareness Month) — a time to reflect on, and increase awareness about, the millions of learners who have specific learning disabilities, learning differences, or learning disorders. It’s a time to share tools, strategies, and initiatives to make the school year more enabling and productive for those who […]

Supporting Autism in The Classroom | Autism Awareness

Supporting Autism in the Classroom

Written by Kami Rep Alex Samia, an Early Childhood to Secondary teacher specializing in ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Functional Skills (Special Education). “If you know one person with autism, you know ONE person with autism.” – Kluth, 2003 A classroom is a challenging place for all learners. From day one, the novelty of […]

Shapes & Equation Tool Resource

Blog_Shapes _ Equation Tool Resource

See the template in the Kami Library Visit the Kami Library for these teaching templates and more just like them! Goal This activity focuses on the Shapes & Equation tool by showing students how to use the many features when creating rectangles, ellipses, circles, and lines.  Activity Description Pages One-Three: The Shapes Tool activity is […]

Add Media Tool Resource

Add media tool

Goal This activity focuses on the Add Media tool by exploring how to add media from their device, Google Drive, Google Image Search and YouTube. Students will also discover how to insert Kami stickers! Activity Description The design of this activity is super simple! First, choose a theme. This can be content-related, or something related […]

Dictionary & Read Aloud Tool Resource

Blog_Dictonary _ Read Aloud Tool Resource

Goal This activity focuses on how to use the Dictionary Tool and explores the different features of the Read Aloud Tool.  Activity Description Start by having some pre-selected text or article content to use for the tasks in this activity. There are four tasks that directly prompt students to click on specific buttons and observe […]

Digital Classroom Resources

Blog_Digital Classroom Resources

These digital classroom resources will excite, inspire, and engage your students! Hands up if you’re looking to bring more Kami into your classroom. Well, you’re in the right place!  Below, you’ll find some of our favorite activities for you to take into the classroom with Kami. We hope this gives you a headstart and frees […]

Kami in the Classroom

Kami in the classroom

Millions of teachers worldwide are heading back into the classroom with Kami – are you? When remote learning became the norm, Kami swooped into the lives of teachers around the globe, answering the call for a reliable and engaging platform to keep students learning over lockdown.  But with the return to traditional classrooms comes the […]

What is Kami?

What is Kami?

Bring learning to life with a little Kami magic. Kami is built for teachers by teachers. We’ve come this far thanks to the insightful comments, honest feedback, and endless support from our Kami community.   “If you aren’t using Kami with your students right now you need to get it ASAP. Kami has been completely […]