Student Engagement Strategies

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Do you ever see a glazed look in your students’ eyes? Heads in hands or slumped over desks? It’s easy to spot when learners aren’t fully engaged, and keeping students’ attention through a whole class can be tricky. Everyone has a different attention span. Understanding attention spans is an integral part of classroom management. It’s […]

Kami for Student Engagement


Discover our collection of student engagement activities, designed to make your classroom experience engaging and enjoyable! School Scavenger Hunt Activity | Green S.M.A.R.T Goals Purple Goals Setting Template | Notes See these and more in the Kami Library. Engaging students is key to top-notch education in our fast-paced world. In a nutshell, student engagement is […]

Spring Break Reading Challenge

Spring Break Reading Challenge

What is a reading challenge? Many of us were introduced to fun reading challenges through our local libraries during summer vacations, but the importance of these programs goes much deeper than the fun worksheets we remember checking off as kids. Reading activities are strategic in that they offer a set of shared goals for a […]

10 Craft Ideas for Kindergartners

Purple speech bubble on a pink background that has fun squiggles in it

Art activities are perfect for kids of all ages, but Kindergarten crafts are particularly good for; developing and teaching kids to recognize colors and shapes, fine motor skills, and expand their counting and recognition skills. Art projects and craft projects can be done all year round, however, as we approach spring break, it’s best to […]

30 Spring Break Activity Ideas

Spring Break Activities

For most children, spring break is a great chance to get away from the classroom, have a break from direct learning, and have some family fun. You might not be going away or going to camp, but don’t worry, Kami is here to make sure you have some fun activities with your kids to make […]

Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Easter is almost upon us! We all love Easter because it means that springtime is officially here. If the Easter bunny is stopping by your school this year, you’re probably searching for some fun easter activities for your kiddos! Look no further; Kami’s got you covered! Our Kami library is packed with Easter-themed worksheets, templates, and heaps […]

7 Star Templates

7 Star Templates

Learning about space National Space Day is celebrated on May 5 this year. If you’re learning about space in your classroom, consider these videos as a fun way to share some info about stars, space, planets, and constellations. Get your students to write down some of the facts from the videos on their star printable […]

March Madness

321, jump ball! Are you ready to tip off into March Madness? March Madness is a big part of the American sporting calendar and a chance for people from all over the United States to get behind their team in one of the country’s premier basketball competitions. You’ll probably be hard-pushed to find many people […]

High School Reading Books to Challenge Your Students

Reading in high school is about more than the actual mechanics of reading. Concepts like phonics and sentence structure learned in first grade and middle school should be well and truly ingrained by now. In high school, reading is about ideas and giving students a wider, more diverse worldview. The more widely students can read […]

Celebrating Read Across America All Year-round

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.” Matilda by Roald Dahl. Have you ever read a book and been so enthralled that you have to keep turning page after page to see what happens? Then you’ll know there’s something magical about reading. Instilling that magic […]

Reading for First Graders

Check out our library of fun reading templates for your first graders! Dolch Sight Words Chart | Red Pre-primer Words Chart Dolch Words Worksheet See these and more in the Kami Library. First grade is where magic with reading happens. Students move from pre-k where they are just beginning to understand sounds to a place […]

The Best Learning-to-Read Books for Young Children

A love of reading gives children a more diverse view of the world, especially as they grow into young adults. It fuels their imagination and provides a foundation for academic success. This is why America has a day devoted to spreading a love of reading! Read all about it here. But no one is born […]