Introducing Yourself Creatively

A speech bubble that says, "Hey y'all"

Creative classroom introductions The first day of school with a new class can be stressful. Although we can’t help you write your syllabus, Kami can help with the process of your students getting to know you. The first time you meet your new learners should be memorable. You can make a good first impression in […]

Community Spotlight Resources – Inspired by Teachers of TikTok

Community Spotlight Resource Influencer_Blog

Education influencers are increasingly discussing the importance of creating resources focused on learning outcomes rather than aesthetics. With this in mind, we reached out to three of our favorite influencers within the teaching community, and asked them to collaborate with us to create three unique — and totally free — Kami resources that have a […]

Simile vs Metaphor

Simile vs Metaphor

Similes, Metaphors & Analogies If you were asked to explain metaphor vs simile, you’d probably say something like:“They’re basically the same thing except similes use ‘like’ and ‘as’.”Boom, lesson done; on to the next, right? Not really, no. There are three things to understand about simile vs metaphor (and let’s not forget analogy): What they […]

Classroom Setup Ideas for Teachers

Classroom Setup Ideas

New school year, new classroom, sure! But why not, new semester, new classroom? There’s never a bad time to refresh and redesign your learning environment for the best social, emotional, and academic results. When looking at your space and classroom decor, ask yourself three questions: Is this helping my students learn? Is this minimizing distractions? […]

Actividades interactivas para celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Actividades interactivas para celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Looking for this in English? Check it out here. Se acerca el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana y probablemente esté aquí buscando una manera de celebrar. ¡La buena noticia es que ya has comenzado! Lo más probable es que ya haya mucha más cultura hispana a tu alrededor de lo que creías. Los hispanoamericanos representan […]

Setting Classroom Expectations | Social Contract Template

Classroom Expectations

The classroom is a safe space to explore new ideas, be creative, and express yourself – but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come with certain behavior expectations. It might sound counter-intuitive, but by expecting positive behavior from your students, you’re also ensuring you keep your classroom as that haven you work hard every day to […]

Get To Know You Games | Fun Icebreaker Games For New Students Of All Ages

Blog_Get to Know You Games

Holy last-minute-lesson-plan, Batman! The first week of school is upon us! While you’re introducing your shiny new curriculum for the new school year, why not help students get to know each other (and you) in your class and break the ice. Kami’s Icebreaker games are a fun way to spend the first day of school […]

Classroom Rules | Social contract template for your classroom

Classroom Rules

You probably know all too well: students don’t always come to class willing and ready to listen to your every command. Maybe they need a snack or a nap, or even a hug (don’t we all). That’s why establishing fair and agreed-upon class rules is the perfect hack for classroom management and student behavior. Having […]

5 Activities for the First Day of School

5 Activities for the First Day of School

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming for all those involved. To make life a little easier for yourself (and help beat those first-day jitters), why not make a lesson plan before school starts and include some fun activities for you and your new students. Stuck for ideas? Get some quick inspo from […]

Free End of Year Activities | Kami Library

Blog_Free End of the Year Activities

As we countdown to the end of the school year, it’s an awesome idea to include a few more brain breaks and fun activities into your lesson plan. If you’re wondering how, look no further! We have some editable end-of-the-year activities and resources for all grade levels ready and waiting for you. End of Year […]

9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Students

9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Students

This year, Earth Day is on April 22nd and the theme is “Invest in our Planet”. During the day, wherever possible, we take extra time to reflect on how our actions impact the environment, what we can do to reduce that impact, and what we can change to make a positive impact. It can be […]