Kindergarten Activities to Engage and Challenge

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The kindergarten class is where children develop key skills that take them from pre–k to elementary school and beyond. Lesson plans for this grade should include a range of activities that cover all the core elements of the curriculum. Because kindergarten students are still quite young (4 to 6-year-olds), it’s a good idea to have […]

Kindergarten Worksheets for Easy Lesson Planning

Kindergarten Worksheets

There’s a lot to pack into kindergarten classes: literacy, numeracy, science, language, art, and social studies, not to mention helping students to develop their social and emotional skills. But don’t panic — we’ve got you covered! The Kami Library has a wide range of free kindergarten worksheets to use in your lesson plans. Our worksheets […]

Running a Successful Kindergarten Class

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Did you know that the idea of kindergarten in the United States was first developed in the 1900s when the National Kindergarten Association was set up in New York to promote the idea of a public school kindergarten system? Today, most states across America require school districts to offer either full-day kindergarten or a half-day […]

Using Cornell Notes for better note–taking

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Have you ever looked over your students’ notes and wondered how they’ll ever make sense of them? Perhaps while you are teaching, you notice students furiously scribbling away trying to get down every word you say? If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce your students to writing better notes, we recommend that you […]

10 Activities to Engage Students

Blog_Activities to Engage Students

We’re all about creating engaging lesson content to get students’ attention and help them find learning fun! We’ve put together some key engagement strategies you may want to familiarize yourself with before reading this blog — check them out here. From these engagement strategies, you’ll be aware of the importance of active learning when it […]

Engaging Activities for High School Students

Blog_Engaging Activities for High School Students

Student engagement strategies and active learning are key to learners bringing their best selves to the classroom. It’s important to use diverse fun activities in your lesson plan to maintain active learning. We’re here to help you make sure you don’t run out of ideas. Check out our engaging activities for high school students: Here […]

Student Engagement Strategies

Blog_Student Engagement Strategies

Do you ever see a glazed look in your students’ eyes? Heads in hands or slumped over desks? It’s easy to spot when learners aren’t fully engaged, and keeping students’ attention through a whole class can be tricky. Everyone has a different attention span. Understanding attention spans is an integral part of classroom management. It’s […]

Kami for Student Engagement


Engaging students is key to top-notch education in our fast-paced world. In a nutshell, student engagement is measured by how interested and involved students are in their learning and academic activities. When students are engaged they’re excited about learning, asking questions, acing assignments, and taking charge of their own learning. But wait, there’s more! Engaged […]

How to Use SMART Goals for Your Students

Smart goals examples for students

What is a good goal for a student? What does the SMART acronym stand for? What are good examples of SMART goals? A good SMART goal would cover all of the above criteria. A SMART goal is the practice of goal setting with a specific goal that is attainable within a prescribed time period and […]

Anti-Bullying Lesson Ideas for Elementary Classes

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), one out of every five students reports being the victim of bullying behavior. Deep into the digital age, perpetrators now have a powerful platform from which to bully their victims, with the added “advantage” of anonymity. According to a 2020 study, over 20% of 9 to […]

Creating a Positive School Culture

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School administrators strive to create a positive school culture where students, teachers, and staff can thrive. When teachers and students arrive at school in the morning, they should feel positive, enthusiastic, and willing to connect, learn, and grow. Schools that successfully create a positive culture will have laughter echoing down the hallways, enthused and engaged […]

What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL in a Kami text box

Universal Design for Learning, or UDL, is a set of principles that provide teachers with a structure to develop instructions and create a learning environment to meet the diverse individual needs of all learners. It’s not just a matter of following a hunch, either. The variability in students’ learning styles is backed up by peer-reviewed […]