Anti-Bullying Lesson Ideas for Elementary Classes

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), one out of every five students reports being the victim of bullying behavior. Deep into the digital age, perpetrators now have a powerful platform from which to bully their victims, with the added “advantage” of anonymity. According to a 2020 study, over 20% of 9 to […]

Creating a Positive School Culture

Positive school culture_Blog

School administrators strive to create a positive school culture where students, teachers, and staff can thrive. When teachers and students arrive at school in the morning, they should feel positive, enthusiastic, and willing to connect, learn, and grow. Schools that successfully create a positive culture will have laughter echoing down the hallways, enthused and engaged […]

What is Universal Design for Learning?

UDL in a Kami text box

Universal Design for Learning, or UDL, is a set of principles that provide teachers with a structure to develop instructions and create a learning environment to meet the diverse individual needs of all learners. It’s not just a matter of following a hunch, either. The variability in students’ learning styles is backed up by peer-reviewed […]

Turn PDFs into Collaborative Learning Spaces

Kami interface on a yellow background

Picture this: You’re emailed a document that needs your input, but you don’t have a printer. What do you do? You could head to your local library, or go and buy a printer… or, you could simply use Kami! What’s Kami? Kami is so much more than just a PDF editor. The tools in its […]

Examples of Character Education

Examples of character education

You’re well-versed in character education. You’ve devoured Kami’s “What is character education and why is it important?”. If you have a spare couple of minutes, you may even pop over to the Department of Education’s website to read their take on character education. Now you know the “what” you want to know the “how” and […]

Warm-Up Activities for High School Classes

Keeping your high school learners’ attention can feel like a challenge at times. Especially if you’re teaching during the warmer months and your class happens to be straight after lunchtime!If you haven’t already, check out our blog on middle-school warm-up activities for a good place to start. If you’re after something a little more advanced, […]

Introducing Yourself Creatively

A speech bubble that says, "Hey y'all"

Creative classroom introductions The first day of school with a new class can be stressful. Although we can’t help you write your syllabus, Kami can help with the process of your students getting to know you. The first time you meet your new learners should be memorable. You can make a good first impression in […]

Importance of Handwriting in the Modern Classroom | Logitech

Graphic of the Kami dashboard using a handwriting template

The need to flex our writing skills with physical pen and paper is becoming increasingly rare. So, why do we still bother teaching handwriting in schools? Technology gives us interactive, instant letter formation through typing and apps. Isn’t it obvious that the next generation will need even less handwriting practice than we did? If writing […]

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (and Dyslexia Awareness Month) — a time to reflect on, and increase awareness about, the millions of learners who have specific learning disabilities, learning differences, or learning disorders. It’s a time to share tools, strategies, and initiatives to make the school year more enabling and productive for those who […]

Tips for Fake News Lesson Planning

Graphic showing a news article with speech bubbles over the top

Fake news is everywhere and it’s causing very real problems – from interfering with political elections to undermining public health. Nearly 80% of United States consumers report having seen fake news related to Covid-19, according to research by Statista. More broadly speaking, all global citizens who have access to digital information are subject to fake […]

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

Kami Dog with Love Heart Balloon

Whether you knew it or not, October 5th is set aside each year to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Also known as International Teachers’ Day, it’s been around since 1994 after the UNESCO Recommendation acknowledging the responsibilities of teachers. First celebrated in 1994, the day is meant to recognize the positive impact that teachers have in […]