English Worksheets for Year 1

Year 1 English Worksheet

Where to start? When introducing reading and writing to primary school students it’s best to follow the national curriculum’s guidelines so that your students can: *There are 26 letters in the English alphabet which make 44 different sounds called phonemes. We believe the best way to improve a student’s reading comprehension is to make the […]

Recycling Lesson Plans for Kids

Blog_Recycling Lesson Plans for Kindergarten.

  Why not establish good sustainable practices to celebrate Earth Day 2024 (April 22)? One way to do this is to create a recycling lesson plan for young children. We’ve already put together some ideas for learning to love our environment in celebration of Earth Day. Hopefully, the lesson plan below will help inspire preschool […]

Sustainability for Kids

Blog_Sustainability for Kids

  Small changes, even by the smallest people, can make a difference. It’s important to teach children sustainable practices and sustainable living from a young age. This will ensure future generations live in an eco-friendly way and are passionate about protecting the natural world. You never know — you could be teaching the next Greta […]

15 Earth Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

Blog_Earthday Activities for Kids

  Earth Day (April 22) is the perfect time to do fun activities with kids of all ages to celebrate planet Earth and learn about the importance of environmental protection. What is Earth Day? Earth Day’s inaugural celebration in 1970 marked the birth of the environmental movement. Over the years, it has evolved into a […]

Comic Books for Kids

Blog_Comic Books for Kids

Did you know that all those super-famous, super-popular Marvel movies that keep coming out are in fact, based on super-comics? It’s true. Before Robert Downey Jr. ever suited up and tangled with Josh Brolin’s big purple bad guy, Thanos, Marvel and DC comics were creating epic characters and placing them in action-packed storylines since the […]

Funny Comic Strip Ideas

Blog_Funny Comic Strip Ideas

So, you’ve read our blog on creativity in the classroom. You may have also figured out that your class has more than a few budding cartoonists and writers amongst its ranks. One of the best ways to encourage creativity among students (and adults) is to give them projects that match their interests. Comic books are […]

10 Comic Strip Templates

Blog_Comic Strip Templates

Children love stories. Whether they’re telling them or experiencing them, there are real benefits to immersing our young people in a world of stories. Learning to tell a story is a fundamental part of English language arts (ELA) lessons and a child’s education. Kami is here to help you with writing templates to take the […]

6 Butterfly Templates


Springtime is a really exciting season in nature and a great way to teach your students all about the natural world. We’ve been working hard to put together some fun butterfly craft ideas and this is what we’ve made for you to use in your classroom. 10 Fun Butterfly Facts How to use Here are […]

Creativity in the Classroom

Blog_Creativity in the Classroom

Traditionally, creativity doesn’t get prioritized in the long list of what teachers have to cover over the school year. Typically, it’s lumped together with other soft skills like communication and collaboration: Great in principle, but not as important as reading or math. However, recent studies are showing that being creative helps students learn better and […]

12 Custom Envelope Templates

Blog_Envelope Templates-01

It’s an important life skill to learn how to write a letter. If you’re running a letter-writing tutorial for your students, we’ve created custom envelope designs (which you can find in the Kami Library) to help them make an awesome first impression. All our envelope templates are free and printable and can be customized in […]

10 Activities to Engage Students

Blog_Activities to Engage Students

We’re all about creating engaging lesson content to get students’ attention and help them find learning fun! We’ve put together some key engagement strategies you may want to familiarize yourself with before reading this blog — check them out here. From these engagement strategies, you’ll be aware of the importance of active learning when it […]

Engaging Activities for High School Students

Blog_Engaging Activities for High School Students

Student engagement strategies and active learning are key to learners bringing their best selves to the classroom. It’s important to use diverse fun activities in your lesson plan to maintain active learning. We’re here to help you make sure you don’t run out of ideas. Check out our engaging activities for high school students: Here […]