30 Spring Break Activity Ideas

Spring Break Activities

For most children, spring break is a great chance to get away from the classroom, have a break from direct learning, and have some family fun. You might not be going away or going to camp, but don’t worry, Kami is here to make sure you have some fun activities with your kids to make […]

Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Easter is almost upon us! We all love Easter because it means that springtime is officially here. If the Easter bunny is stopping by your school this year, you’re probably searching for some fun easter activities for your kiddos! Look no further; Kami’s got you covered! Our Kami library is packed with Easter-themed worksheets, templates, […]

7 Star Templates

7 Star Templates

Learning about space National Space Day is celebrated on May 5 this year. If you’re learning about space in your classroom, consider these videos as a fun way to share some info about stars, space, planets, and constellations. Get your students to write down some of the facts from the videos on their star printable […]

March Madness

321, jump ball! Are you ready to tip off into March Madness? March Madness is a big part of the American sporting calendar and a chance for people from all over the United States to get behind their team in one of the country’s premier basketball competitions. You’ll probably be hard-pushed to find many people […]

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

St Patricks Day for Kids_Blog

Who is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland? Patrick was born in 385 A.D. when Ireland was still a pagan territory. He was actually born in Britain, not Ireland. But, when he was 16, Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped six years later and became a priest. He eventually returned […]

Reading for First Graders

First grade is where magic with reading happens. Students move from pre-k where they are just beginning to understand sounds to a place where they can read short words easily and even start to read whole chapter books for themselves. Reading milestones for 1st graders During first grade, students hit plenty of milestones in their […]

Emotional Check-in Resources

Happy icon and sad icon

You probably regularly check your student’s understanding of their learning. Remembered the times table? Check. Grasped that grammar concept? Check. Can tell you what happened in a period of history? Check.  But how often do you check in with your student’s emotional status? Monitoring how your students are feeling is just as important as checking […]

Celebrating Kwanzaa With Your Class

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Why celebrate Kwanzaa? Celebrating different cultures matters. All students should feel safe to express who they are and share their beliefs, values, and traditions. There are roughly 42 million people who identify as African American in the US, and African American children account for around 15% of school students. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate […]

Warm-Up Activities for Middle School

Warm up activities for middle school

Learning is hard. Teaching can be even more so. Middle school students can be easily distracted or struggle with going back to school after a long summer vacation. The value of warming up is well-known throughout the sporting world. Cold muscles don’t perform as well, and they’re more prone to injury. Don’t forget, the brain […]

Celebrate Hanukkah in Your Classroom

Celebrating Hanukkah

Blog is written by Rabbi Jonathon Simons. A Jewish studies teacher from the UK. He teaches coding and robotics to primary school children and is CEO of his own company Code Inventorz. Why celebrate Hanukkah? As our schools become more multicultural, celebrating different cultures in the classroom is increasingly important. All students should feel safe […]

Community Spotlight Resources – Inspired by Teachers of TikTok

Community Spotlight Resource Influencer_Blog

Education influencers are increasingly discussing the importance of creating resources focused on learning outcomes rather than aesthetics. With this in mind, we reached out to three of our favorite influencers within the teaching community, and asked them to collaborate with us to create three unique — and totally free — Kami resources that have a […]

Showing Gratitude with Friendsgiving

Image with speech bubble and heart graphics

We’re often so busy in our day-to-day lives that we forget to show gratitude to the people who care about us the most, our friends. So, we thought, instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving dinner, why not put a slight twist on events and celebrate Friendsgiving instead? Because friends are worthy of […]