5 Tips for Increasing Engagement in Your Classroom

By Marcus Stein Every educator has their little tips and tricks, often passed down to them from wiser, more experienced teachers who’ve taken them under their wings. Personally, some of the most meaningful insights I’ve gained throughout the years have centered around student engagement. So, in the spirit of paying it forward, here are my […]

Diwali | The Festival of Lights

Happy Diwali

Written by Kami Hero Sanchita Ghosh, Head of History Department at Sanskriti School, New Delhi, India. Diwali (or Deepavali) is one of the biggest festivals in India. Even though it has its origins in the practices of the Hindu religion, several religious communities participate in the festivities with equal vigor today! It’s a festival of […]

New Digital Notebook Styles


New Digital Notebook Styles Students use our Digital Notebooks to organize their notes, communicate with their teachers, and revise key content for upcoming tests. Although they’re already super popular, one thing we weren’t offering students is a choice of 15 fun and fresh designs! So we waved our wands and gave our Digital Notebooks a […]

5 Collaborative Classroom Activities You Can Do in Kami

Jamboard activities you can do in Kami

Whether or not you use Jamboard, Kami is the digital whiteboard for you. The education community woke to the news that Google Jamboard will soon start winding down. Teachers and students who love using the Google platform will now be considering their options. Look no further than Kami. Google Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard […]

Halloween Activi-treats!

Halloween Activi-treats!

Have so much fun it’s scary with these Kami classroom resources! If you’re looking for insight on the origins of Halloween, including why we carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating, check out our Halloween in the Classroom blog. It also includes some spook-tacular learning opportunities for the elementary, middle-school, and high-school classroom. This blog is all […]

Halloween in the Classroom

Halloween Classroom Party

The origins of Halloween Before we look at some of the ways you can have fun celebrating Halloween in your classroom, let’s discover the origins of Halloween and how it came to be such an exciting evening in the calendar. Halloween is one of the United States’ most loved celebrations (roughly 70% of Americans join […]

Interactive Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Interactive Activities

Buscas esto en espaňol, lo puedes encontra aqui. National Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us and you’re probably here searching for a way you can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The good news is, you’ve already started! Odds are, there’s already a lot more Hispanic culture around you than you realized. Hispanic Americans make up nearly one-fifth […]

How to Find the Volume of a Sphere

A graphic with a pink background and two circles - one purple one and one orange one

What’s a sphere, exactly?  A sphere is a 3D object based on a circle. Spheres are everywhere in our daily lives. From raindrops to planets, sports balls to chocolate bonbons. Figuring out the volume of a sphere formula and its surface area has many important real-life applications. In this article, you’ll learn how to find […]

Coloring Sheets for Kindergartners

Coloring Sheets for Kindergartners

Check out our library of fun coloring worksheets for you to use in your classroom! Butterfly Coloring Page | Multiple St Patrick’s Day Multiplication Color By Numbers Spring Coloring Sheet | Vase See these and more in the Kami Library. We know that kids really enjoy coloring activities, but it’s important to remember why coloring activities can […]

20 Venn Diagram Templates for Kids

Purple background with 3 circles representing a venn diagram

What are Venn Diagrams? A simple Venn diagram (invented by John Venn) is an infographic that has three overlapping circles. Each circle contains unique data points and common shared data in the center. Why use them in your classroom? Venn diagrams can be a useful tool for kids to show and compare sets of data […]

Kindergarten Math Worksheets to Introduce Key Concepts

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Introducing math concepts to kindergarten students can be tricky, especially if it’s not your strongest subject! So, because we’ve got your back, we’ve stocked the Kami Library with plenty of templates to help you with your math activities. Some students will have learned to recognize numbers already in pre-k or during homeschool, but others will […]

Kindergarten Worksheets for Easy Lesson Planning

Kindergarten Worksheets

There’s a lot to pack into kindergarten classes: literacy, numeracy, science, language, art, and social studies, not to mention helping students develop their social and emotional skills. But don’t panic—we’ve got you covered! The Kami Library has a wide range of free kindergarten worksheets for your lesson plans. Our worksheets are printable, or you can […]